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07.03.2007 General News

Ghana, America Bar Associations Hold Public Lecture


The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) in collaboration with the America Bar Association (ABA) yesterday held a public lecture, under the theme, "reflections on the rule of law."

Delegation from ABA section of International Legal Exchange (ILEX) are in the country on a trip which will focus on issues of rule of law, strengthen democracies institutions and the legal profession and also in confronting the emerging democracies of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

This is part of the Golden Jubilee celebration, in showcasing that Ghana has stood steadfast, commitment to the rule of law over the last 50 years.

Mrs Deborah Enix Ross, Chairperson of ABA was the speaker on behalf of Ms Karen Maths, The President of ABA, saying," the ABA believes in promoting the legal profession, the administration of justice and the rule of law around the world". ”So again, on behalf of more than 413,00 members, I bring you greetings and congratulations on the 50th anniversary of Ghana,” he said.

Ms Maths noted that, her job in delivering the Jubilee lecture is to provide prospects on how far Ghana have come and to wish the country a bright future. She noted that, the 50th jubilee celebration is a time when one reflects on, what Ghana has accomplished? What it has not accomplished and also what it hope to achieve?.

As a country celebrates its fifth decades of independence, it is appropriate to revisit the tents of an independent society and also to recognise the vital role that the rule of law can perform within such a society and to pay homage to the many benefits that it brings. She said, "In New York Times Magazine, Margrate Mead aptly stated that, "the first step in the direction of a world of rule of law is the recognition that peace no longer is an unobtainable ideal, but a necessary condition of continued human existence."

Ms Maths said that, this week's celebration is the fact that, Ghana has maintained the conditions of the rule of law for the past 50 years. She quoted the founder, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, "My government fully realises both the advantages and the responsibilities involved in the achievement of independence. It intends to make full use of these advantages to increase the prospect of the country".

Promoting the rule of law is fundamental to achieving greater security, human development and human rights for all people. Ghana has already assumed greater international visibility in promoting the rule of law in the interest of human rights.

Ghana has a special relationship with the US and especially African Americans, including a large American business ties and continue to serve as the foremost tourist attraction in West Africa.

ABA has already initiated partnership with the legal fraternity, through ABA Africa, by providing assistance with drafting a code of conduct for judges and magistrates.

Mr Kwame Tetteh the President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) noted that, democracy and law are spreading throughout the world and lawyers have helped to bring about that change.

" We must work to protect the ability of lawyers to continue to do that work and to build institutions that will be strong enough to promote peaceful legal reforms that will benefit us all," he said.

Mr Tetteh noted that, lawyers seek to reign over law, based upon the consent of the governed and sustainability by the organised opinion of mankind.