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06.03.2007 General News

Thanksgiving service held to mark [email protected]

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Very Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, Head of the Department of Religion of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), has said the church must take responsibility for chaplaincy work in schools.

He said chaplaincy must be considered as a very important aspect of the ministry of the church in respect of educational institutions.

Very Rev Prof Asante was preaching at a non-denominational Golden Jubilee thanksgiving service at Asem Boys' School Park in Kumasi on Sunday on the theme, “Moral Excellence in Ghana, Focus on the Youth in the next 50 years”.

He said the problem of moral decadence of the society cannot be considered in isolation from the moral state of the wider society, adding all agents of moral socialization, the family, church educational institutions and the state are all culpable.

Very Rev Prof Asante therefore called for relevant philosophy of education that will among others things be directed towards the ideals of patriotism, citizenship, fellow-feeling and the ethic of responsibility rather than the ethic of individual rights.

He said the report of the Commission of Basic Education in 1968, called also for the inculcation of human values, ideals of brotherhood of man and religious and moral beliefs, adding, those should be integral part of the educational system.

He stressed the need for the setting up of moral goals and strive to make all who come to live with us aware that “We recognize and prize our values and realities besides wealth and material things.

On punishment and reform of offenders, he said in addition to punitive measures the nation needed reformative measures.

Mr Emmanuel Asamoah Owusu-Ansah, Ashanti Regional Minister, commended the Local Council of Christian Churches for their assistance and support towards the golden jubilee celebration.

He said from their own resources the churches have organized clean-up, lectures, float through the principal streets of Kumasi and church services.

Mr Owusu-Ansah called for continued support from the churches and assured them of the co-operation of the Regional Co-ordinating Council.

Right-Reverend Nuh Ben Abubekr, Methodist Bishop of Kumasi and Chairman of the Local Council of Christian Churches, said all should join in the celebration in recognition of the blessings God has bestowed on the nation.

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