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06.03.2007 General News

Ho is 24 hours late for anniversary celebrations but...

By : GNA
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Ho, the Volta Regional capital is 24 hours late in preparation towards the nation's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The 4 billion cedis Jubilee Park, which is supposed to host important programmes including the march past of school children and security services is unlikely to be fully ready by tomorrow Tuesday, March 6.

However, Daniel Ohene, Clerk of Works of Excellent Buildings, undertaking the construction said the place would be 98 percent ready for the anniversary march past on Tuesday March 6.

A letter signed by G.K Dzansi, Deputy Director on behalf of the Chief Director of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council to heads of departments, institutions and agencies and also indicated that the Jubilee Park and not the Ho Sports Stadium as stated earlier would be the venue for the anniversary celebrations.

Meanwhile the grounds near the Regional House of Chiefs and the Centre for National Culture on Monday at about 1000hours, the VIP stand was yet to be roofed while metal works were still on going.

Stairs to the refreshment centre are also yet to be done while design works also remained uncompleted.

Pavement works of the arena for the march past had been completed while finishing touches were being put to the three completed public stands.

Much of the works on the Jubilee park were executed day and night in efforts to get it in shape for, especially the march past.

The general preparation in town towards the celebration has however been low keyed.

Until 0900hours when staff of the Public Works Department were seen hoisting flags on electricity poles along some major streets, that aspect of the preparations were not very obvious apart from the Ark at the Civic Centre that had been beautifully painted in the national colours.

An official of the PWD on condition of anonymity, said that the Department received the flags late Friday hence the lateness in their being hoisted.

Few people were seen in the national colours otherwise the general atmosphere had been one of wait-and-see as many people seemed unaware of activities lined-up for the celebrations.

Source: GNA