‘Count your blessings, give thanks to God whether good or bad’ — Rev Biney urges Christians

Religion Rev. Patrick Biney, Associate Overseer of the Crystal Grace Chapel International
JUL 31, 2023 LISTEN
Rev. Patrick Biney, Associate Overseer of the Crystal Grace Chapel International

"It is a good thing to give thanks to God and sing praises unto thy name, O most high," Reverend Patrick Biney of the Crystal Grace Chapel International said on Sunday.

In his sermon titled "Show Gratitude to God," Rev. Biney emphasized the importance of giving thanks and having a heart of gratitude despite life's challenges.

"There are so many things God has been doing for his children in the spiritual realm than the physical," his July 30 sermon further noted.

"Most often, some people blame God because their prayers are yet to be answered but they may not know what was about to struck them if not God’s intervention,” he observed.

Rev. Biney urged the congregation to have faith and be patient.

"When the answer we seek isn't coming, we should give God ample time," he said.

Out of the five key reasons why Christians should be thankful as cited in his sermon, the revered man of God mentioned, "God is on our side regardless of what happens to us. God wants us to count our blessings and challenges. And He chooses when to act on what for the sake of his sovereignty and providence."

Quoting 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Rev. Biney said Christians should give thanks to God "in everything."

"Your heart must be filled with the spirit of rejoicing. God will take care of us in every situation," he assured.

Rev. Biney concluded his sermon with two important reminders which is also the third and fifth reason why Christians should show gratitude always - see God as a coach who knows best, and to persevere in faith regardless of circumstances.

"No matter what we see, he will still be there for us. Do not give up on God yet. Whatever you are seeing is not the end of you but rather the beginning of wonderful things in your life," he said.

The sermon was delivered at the auditorium of Crystal Grace Chapel International located in Sarpeiman, Accra.

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