Ghana’s political system is set up as a beauty contest for the rich – Dr. Amoako Baah

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JUL 28, 2023 LISTEN
Dr. Richard Amoako Baah

Political Scientist, Dr. Richard Amoako Baah has argued that finding the right leaders for Ghana is always difficult because the right systems are not in place.

Speaking to TV3, Dr. Amoako Baah said the entire political setup is a beauty contest that only features the rich in society.

“Our whole political setup is not set up for the right person, it s set up for a beauty contest and in that beauty contest, only rich people participate in it. If presidential aspirants don’t have the means, don’t bother,” the Political Scientist said.

Dr. Amoako Baah believes is the reason the country lacks good leaders to solve the problems of the country.

In his view, Ghana needs a President who is a jack-of-all-trades and has an idea of everything.

“That is why we find it difficult to find the right person. We need to have a jack of all trades, not just one who looks good or speaks well and makes promises.

“We need someone who knows what he wants to do, it doesn’t mean he knows everything but he has a working idea of everything he is doing. We don’t have such people running for president,” Dr. Amoako Baah added.

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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