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01.03.2007 General News

Socialists to join CJA procession


The Socialists Forum, an activist group in Ghana, says it will join the procession of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) scheduled for the 6th of March, Independence Day.

A statement from the group in Accra said they were “alarmed” at the stance of the Police on the matter because it had the potential to disrupt the procession.

The Police had asked the CJA to postpone its planned procession because they would not be able to have the full compliment of officers to accompany them. The reason given for the Police's inability to grant them protection is that majority of them would be attached to the Independence Day celebration and its associated events.

The CJA is burnt on organising its procession but the Police are seeking a court order to stop the group from going through with its intention.

Sections of the public have called on the CJA to rescind its decision but the group has condemned such reactions.

A press statement from the CJA described the attempt to portray the procession as unlawful or subversive as “deceitful”.

The group said in the statement that it had abided by the Public Order Act by giving the Police five days notice and accused opponents of the march of spreading “disinformation” of its purpose.

The CJA also dismissed allegations of anarchy and said rather that its action would “underline the political significance of Ghana's independence as an important victory in the world wide struggle for ordinary people against elitism.”

Source: The Statesman