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28.02.2007 General News

Educate Us More On Ghana’s Independence

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Editor, As part of the activities marking Ghana's 50th anniversary in March this year, I think children should be told the history of the country.

Many children have little knowledge of what happened before and during the period Ghana attained independence.

What most of us know is that Dr Kwame Nkrumah fought for independence for us, but what went into the fight is not known.

I suggest that the various television stations and the media in general should educate us more on it.

In addition, I suggest that every classroom teacher should include a little of the history leading to independence in the class lesson.

Finally, I believe our parents can also contribute by educating us on the event. I believe that this will help the youth to understand how far we have come 50 years after inndependence.

I am by this appealing to all the television stations, parents and especially teachers during this jubilee period to explain how the country attained its independence to pupils and students.


Alfred Abuura,

Leaders Prep