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28.02.2007 Health

Abortion Can Kill You

When teenagers have sex and get pregnant, the first thing that comes into their minds is abortion. In desperation they adopt all manner of dangerous methods to get rid of the pregnancy.

A few teen girls sometimes do not have a clue about what is happening to them in the first few weeks of pregnancy until their parents or guardians find out.

No matter how teenagers confront abortion, the end result is often devastating. It affects them both psychologically and physically and may even result in death.

According to medical experts, the most common, immediate, and short-term complications include excessive bleeding, chronic and acute infections.

Other complications are intense pain, high fever, convulsions, shock, coma, incomplete removal of the baby or placenta (which can cause life-threatening infections and sterility), pelvic inflammatory disease, punctured or torn uteruses (womb) and even death.

Abortion can also result in uterine scarring, a weakened cervix, blocked fallopian tubes and other forms of damage to the reproductive organs which can make it difficult for the victim to conceive or carry a child to full term in the future.  

Women and teenagers who have had abortions also experience more ectopic (tubal) pregnancies, infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages and premature births (the leading cause of birth defects) than women who have not had abortions.

Abortion has also been linked to increased risks of developing breast, cervical and uterine cancer.

There are many women whose marriages are breaking down because they cannot bear children. Others have had their wombs removed entirely as a result of a series of abortions.

With all these frightening revelations, a girl should think twice when entering into a relationship, especially an intimate one.

Once you are sexually active, you stand the risk of getting pregnant. And since you are not physically, financially and emotionally prepared for a baby yet, you may try to abort it.

The consequences are really serious. The best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy is to concentrate on your studies.

If you are still in school and depend on your parents or a guardian for your upkeep, you are not yet ready for a relationship.

Get a career, stay disciplined and wait till you are mature enough and well resourced to face the responsibility that comes with relationships, sex and babies.

Article by Hannah A. Amoah