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Auntie Sisi's Faux Pas!

Auntie Sisi's Faux Pas!

“No one seems to think the girls misconducted themselves in any way. On the contrary, why they made themselves arrestable after conducting such a successful operation is what is annoying everybody.”

The strong leadership of President Akufo Addo which has taken us ─ cup in hand ─ to the IMF is being touted again for yet another remarkable political master stroke!

At a time that many households are struggling to put one square meal on the table due to our retarded economy, in Goshen (auntie Sisi's household), it's been raining hundreds of thousands of dollars and Euros in a jamboree of alleged kickbacks and back kicks day and night.

Goshen has been flowing with milk and honey, like the Biblical land God promised the Israelites. There is a whole lot of cash lying lackadaisically about so much so that even the maidservants, their boyfriends and families have all become overnight millionaires, buying and owing properties around town indiscriminately.

I hear the investigators who stormed Goshen yesterday gave up trying to count the cash. It was so much they broke down with fatigue! The specific amount couldn't be determined even after many recounts! Sounds like recounting votes in Ketu South!

And all these under the watchful eye of our president! But the battle is still the Lord's!

And yet, there could be more kickback cash hidden under people's beds, vono mattresses, garages and roof tops than you would ever find in the mighty vaults of the bank of Ghana! It is unfortunate auntie Sisi has been made to resign in order to spare the government's blushes. She has paid the price for the sins of all the other looters.

The discovery of mountains of cash in Goshen, for all you know, is only the tip of the iceberg. Next year being an election year, (the year earmarked to break the eight) political posturing has already started, and so has strategic hoarding of public cash.

If you hoard enough cash under your bed, you can pay your way back to power. Even if you should lose the election in the worst case scenario, your hoarding can still keep body and soul together comfortably in the dreaded wilderness of opposition.

Our national plight, indeed is truly pitiful. This country would have no need of the IMF if all such oppressed monies and monies jubilating in offshore accounts were captured, liberated, and returned to the sovereign chest for national redeployment.

But why all the mumbo jumbo about these hoardings? This is how our governments, past and present, abuse our common wealth behind our back. How else would they prosecute their electioneering campaigns? From their salaries and personal allowances? "Adabraka!"

If auntie Sisi had been a bit more benevolent and circumspect with her maidservants and allowed them to enjoy their clever loot quietly in freedom, she would have saved the president and her party this reckless embarrassment and public opprobrium.

Afterall, one man no chop. Why would auntie Sisi court national persecution and the loss of her name, political career and family honor by reporting the mischievous girls to the police when all she had to do was shut up and let the girls be?

Payment of kickbacks, (if indeed such is the profile of the monies) would never stop as long as governments come and go and ministers are appointed and disappointed. But a good name, once lost cannot be replaced.

And in this matter, going to the police was complete misjudgment. Any sympathizer of the party could have refunded the cash to auntie Sisi to avoid smearing the government with mud. She probably was being too greedy.

For good reasons, everyone has become cynical of politicians these days. No one seems to think the girls misconducted themselves. On the contrary, why they chose to remain in Ghana after conducting such a successful operation is what is annoying everybody. "Thief man thief thief man, thief man go for police!"

Are Ghanaians becoming weary of political office holders? How do we handle democratic fatigue which has crept into our national life as a result these obscenely greedy, corrupt, eternally misbehaving politicians?

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