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28.02.2007 Feature Article

A Week To [email protected]'s use the Jubilee Year to unify the Nation

Fifty years in the life of any individual or nation is no mean an achievement. It is a time for celebration and reflection. It is an opportune moment to take an introspection of our journey down the isle, how far we have come, how well we have performed, our setbacks, lapses and a host of others, and how to chart a path forward for the next 50 or so years ahead.

We, as a people, might have offended one another in one way or the other. This, however, is not enough to divide us and to mar our jubilee celebrations. We should forgive one another in the spirit of unity and reconciliation to promote peace and stability.

My clarion call to all Ghanaians, especially the youth, is to tell our elders, especially our political leaders, and our colleagues that enough is enough of the verbal bloodshed and that we should celebrate our liberation together. Let us not allow any self-seeking individuals to manipulate our intellects and use us as conduits to achieve their selfish ulterior motives. After all, the youth, stand to lose the most should there be anarchy and chaos in the system. To all demonstrators and counter demonstrators, we say: ceasefire because enough is enough!

Let us all be guided by the fact that it is only in our resolve to work together in overcoming our existing problems and drawbacks that have plagued the country for about the past five decades that we can, in about 50 years, from now, be celebrated as heroes and mentors who contributed in our own small ways, towards building a strong, healthy and unified nation.

It is in the light of the above that I call on all and sundry, irrespective of tribal, religious, political or social orientation, to put aside all that divide us as a nation and to as the Chief of Staff and Chairman of the Ghana @50 Anniversary Planning Committee puts it “focus on the positive aspects of the celebrations, concentrating all our efforts on how to make this memorable occasion successful and ensure that they do bring all of us together as one people in one country with a common destiny.”

Enjoy a happy golden jubilee anniversary!!!


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