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26.02.2007 General News

Fieve chiefs warns Veep to stay away-Installation not approved

By DAILYEXPRESS-Shaibu Abubakar

The Fievie Traditional Council in the Volta Region has advised politicians especially government officials to stay away from chieftaincy issues in the area. The council has accordingly announced that the recent installation of Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama by a disputed chief as development chief is an attempt to foment trouble in the area.

The Awadada (warlord) of the Anyigbe Clan of the Agave State, Togbui Ahli (II) told a press conference in Accra that the council has taken steps to traditionally destool the Vice President, explaining that it is only the traditional council and not a disputed chief that can install a development chief in the area.

The Awadada also questioned the legitimacy of Togbe Avudzegah Sogah and the authority to confer a title without prior approval and consultation with the traditional leaders of Fievie especially when he is not recognised as a traditional ruler in the area.

According to him, before anybody can be installed as a development chief in any part of the Fievie Traditional Area, that person must have made significant contributions to the development of any settlement in the area from his own private resources or funding.

And it is only the Acting Paramount Chief of the Fievie Traditional Council Togbe Ahadzi Dodo (V), together with the kingmakers that have the legitimacy to confer Development Chief on any person.

Togbui Avudzegah Sogah known in private life as Abotsi Doe Diameh who is laying claim to the chieftaincy of Sogakope installed Alhaji Mahama as development chief in appreciation of the government's construction of the Sogakope-Adidome-Ho road.

His stool name Togbui Avulekpor, is also in dispute as the Fieve traditional council argues that the stool name is an attempt to taunt the Anyigbe's whose Togbui Akalo is revered to have captured a live Leopard (Kpor).

The chiefs say, 'Avulekpor' which literally means the Dog has caught or bitten the Leopard is provocative in that, it is an insinuation to the effect that Togbui Avudzegah (Avu, the dog) has captured the Anyigbes ('Kpor').

According to the chiefs, the reign of Togbui Sogah has always come under serious dispute because he was issued with the gazette in place of the late Togbui Kwesi Dor Kumah, who was destooled as the Fia of Sogakofe. A decision, he said, was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1968.

“The argument of Abotsi Doe Diameh that he has been gazetted is neither here nor there. That gazetting was fraudulently acquired through the help of the Registrar of the Volta Regional House of Chief with the help of his lawyer,” Togbui Ahli (II) told the press.

“It is very strange to find Government institutions like the District Assembly recognizing such fraudulent gazette, which was done without any research and upon persistent protest from the Fievie people”, he added..

He further stated that Alhaji Aliu Mahama shouldn't have condoned the act of the supposed chief by accepting the chieftaincy title despite initial warnings and protests from some of the kingmakers in the area.

Togbe Ahli said several petitions have been sent to government agencies including the Interior Ministry, Local Government Ministry, Office of National Security, and District Security Council (DISEC) of Sogakofe on the activities of Togbe Sogah on the sale of Fievie lands among other things but no action has so far been taken.