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26.02.2007 General News

GWCL Begs For $1.5bn

By Daily Guide

The management of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) needs $1.5 billion to improve on its operations, Enimil Ashon, a Communication Specialist at the Project Management Unit of GWCL said.

The first water supply system was installed in Ghana in 1928. Since then, the development of the sector had been constrained by many factors.

Consequently, water supply had not kept pace with population growth, due to rise of cities and industries and inadequate funds for expansion.

Between 1970 and 1990, the level of water supply further declined substantially due to deteriorating infrastructure, artificially low tariffs, poor billing and collection, among others.

Speaking at a media workshop on the management contract in Accra, Mr Enimil said however, out of the $1.5 billion, the government was able to secure $120 million through the World Bank and Netherlands Government, to improve the operations of the country's utility company.

Two-thirds of the money, he stated, went into infrastructure development.

Mr Enimil added that government had further put in place measures to revamp the water sector.

Some of the efforts, he noted, included structural reforms, expansion of networks, upgrading of systems and rehabilitation.