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24.02.2007 General News

Ghanaians Abroad Can't Vote In 2008

By network herald

The Deputy Director in charge of Finance and Administration of the Electoral Commission, David Adeense Kangah has indicated that the Representative of the People's Amendment Law (ROPAL) will not be effective for the 2008 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. ROPAL allows Ghanaian residents abroad to exercise their franchise during national elections and referenda.

According to him, the Commission has not done enough consultation before the law becomes operational and doubted whether that could be done before the 2008 elections.

Mr. Kangah also told the Network Herald newspaper that the Commission could not tie itself to any time frame implementation of the law and promised that the commission was working hard to enable people living in the Diaspora to exercise their legitimate franchise. He said that after the completion of the technical work, the Commission will begin with the implementation work after which affected persons would be allowed to vote.