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22.02.2007 General News

Retired Sexy Dancer In Traffic Dance


As Straight-Faced Minister Performs Business
It was a comic drama on Tuesday on the controversial access road at Trasacco Valley when Nana Esi Kore I, popularly known as Lady Tamara used her sexy body on the road to prevent cars from moving leading to heavy traffic on the Tema Motorway. This drama unfolded as the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Felix Owusu Agyepong led sections of the press to inspect the road construction, which seems to have caused much consternation to motorists plying the motorway.

Lying on the road, Lady Tamara screeched and called the name of Mr. Rawlings and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to come to the aid of the country. After she was persuaded by onlookers to leave the road, Lady Tamara told pressmen that “the trunk road created by Trasaaco would kill Ghanaians and I want to stop this by killing myself for mother Ghana…Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Rawlings and the wife did a lot for us, but now we want the whites to rule us by killing us”, she hissed.

Like a fetish priestess possessed, Lady Tamara would jump, shake her body and run to the road to block the road whenever she was left unattended to. Though most of the press found it rather exciting to attend to Lady Tamara and also asked her questions, the Minister and his entourage seemed unperturbed by the fetish like behaviour of the Lady Tamara, an ageing former sexy dancer. Mr. Felix Owusu Agyepong laughed when he was asked to comment on the behaviour of Lady Tamara, whose body still retains some of the agility that made her so formidable in her former trade. On the access road, the Minister told reporters that it is not permanent. “This is temporal, I say temporal”, he emphasized.

He noted that the road was constructed to provide convenience for the dignitaries that would be attending the country's 50th anniversary. For some weeks now, many people have raised concern about the road construction at the Trasaaco area, but the Minister said: “We are aware of the safety implications… But let me tell you, we have done the same on the Nsawam-Accra Road where we have the police barrier. It's just a simple technique. We don't expect any accidents to be caused by this”.

When asked why the government should construct a temporal thing with huge amount of money and damage it after some days, he replied: “the Trasaaco company is bearing the cost, and with these dignitaries coming into the country, we cannot play with security…some are saying they can use the Spintex Road and the rest, but we have to think of security, any lapses will damage our country…when we finish, we will block it. It's only temporal”.

Mr. Felix Owusu Agyepong, who is also the Majority Leader in Parliament called for the re-designing of the road system in the country. “Most of the roads need to be re-designed again…Like the Spintex Road, it was constructed as if it was going to be an access road for the small industrial establishments there… What do we have now – middle income settlement increasing traffic.” Though no specific time of blocking the road after use was announced, the Minister pledged that he would lead the press to the same venue after all dignitaries have left the country.