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22.02.2007 General News

Justice arrives at last

By myjoyonline

The streets blaze forth his arrival, the walls herald his imminent revelation, banners are floating proudly in the air. With his screaming beautiful posters heralding him, the true Lord of gospel music arrives at last.

Justice Love is of course too humble minded to accept all these accolades but how else could one describe such a genius whose music is already making waves on the air?

Do you hate songs of worship that cleanse your very mind of all evil and glue it on God only? Then avoid the music of Justice Love, for one cannot help but wish one spent all life worshipping the Lord alone when one listens to lyrics such as Mewo nyi dado, Waa na me nimwo, Gye me ta taa, He is alive, N'asem, Nyamesro, Owurabi, Okamanfo, which his maiden album, MEWO ENYIDADO, boasts of.

Who may he be compared to? One dares not compare him to anybody for, he is in his own class and rules alone there, yet this young musician says he adores Pastor Joe Beecham's music so much that, at a stage in his life, all he desired was to serve this mentor of his.

Pastor Beecham, take that as a big feather in your cap, for the one adoring you is himself a maestro.

Born in Takoradi twenty-seven years ago, precisely August 20 1980 to David Lavoe and Auntie Cecilia as he calls his mom whom he lost tragically at the tender age of eleven, the new sensation schooled at the Roman Catholic Preparatory School at the Adum-Banso Estates, then to the Harvard Business College in Accra, from where he proceeded to the Accra Polytechnic where he studied marketing.

While he works with Enterprise Assurance as a marketing officer however, the handsome musician who says his first love is music, manages his time so well, he combines music composition with his busy schedule.

The result? One of the most touching lyrics the gospel landscape can offer the world today.

Recorded four tracks each at the Fredina Studios of Adabraka and My Life Studio within the Ghana Commercial Bank Towers, the eight-track album has enjoyed the experience of sound engineers in the personalities of Remedy and Nacy.

A member of the All Christian Chapel International, Justice Love says his purpose in life is to give hope to the hopeless and help the destitute.

Had it to do with the fact that this album could have come out five years ago but for the usual constraints which hamper artistes? Well whatever it is, the soft – spoken lanky musician says he is out to help the helpless and it is God who inspires him.

He is therefore dedicating this work solely to orphans and street children.

Why would the celestial forces not come to the aid of such a large-hearted genius? Certainly, Justice Love was born to sing, and no one's collection of great gospel music is complete without his works.

Justice has indeed arrived at last. No wonder, the streets blaze forth his arrival, the walls herald his imminent revelation, banners are floating proudly in the air in anticipation of the launch of his album at the Royal House Chapel, Kaneshie at exactly 3 pm.

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