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Another former church member exposes pastor Macaiah Addai for losing GHC25,000 to jujuman in gold deal

Another former church member exposes pastor Macaiah Addai for losing GHC25,000 to jujuman in gold deal
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Members of the Association of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies at the Kumasi Adeabeba have abandoned the Ministry.

This follows the allegations of wives snatching, consultations of shrines to seek fortune, polygamous practice, attempts to infiltrate strange doctrines into the church and among others, outright violations of the church's constitution all against the leader of the church, Akwasi Addai Macaiah.

Some of the aggrieved church members who think that they can no longer worship with the church because of the alleged suspicious misconduct of their leader Macaiah Addai have currently formed a religious movement to enable them worship every Saturday at Kumasi Asem.

Readers can recall that pastor Macaiah Addai was recently sued at Manhyia Palace for allegedly snatching a wife of a church member, Kofi Adjei.

At the Asantehemaa's Palace at Manhyia, a five-panel member who sat on the case found pastor Macaiah Addai guilty and ordered him to slaughter four sheep to pacify the gods of the land.

However, through a pleading from a Kumasi chief the four sheep were reduced to two and the cost was converted into cash of Ghc6000 which the man of God quickly made payment.

As if that was not enough, another unfolding drama as narrated by an ex-member of the church, Mr Kwaku Eshung allegedly revealed how he (Eshung) and pastor Macaiah Addai were swindled of their GHC25,000 by a jujuman in Kumasi in 2019 in a gold deal.

Narrating how they came into contact with the jujuman named Martin Nyamekye of Kumasi Dunkirk in 2019, Mr Kwaku Eshung noted that in that year, some friends he knew at Mampong Aboantem got him informed that they have a family gold that was hidden somewhere in their residence at Aboantem which they wanted to seek the assistance of a powerful spiritualist to help dig out.

Mr Kwaku Eshung said upon hearing the news he assured the friends (names withheld for security reasons) of his assistance.

"I then consulted the fetish priest Martin Nyamekye with the news and he also assured me of his assistance after which the fetish priest Martin Nyamekye charged me GHC25,000 to be used to buy spiritual items for the gold operation," he told this reporter.

According to Eshung, since he was not in a position to raise the money for the exercise, he got in touch with his pastor, Macaiah Addai for the news and he (pastor Macaiah Addai) expressed his interest to sponsor the gold rituals.

But with the condition that after the gold had been dug out they would all share the proceeds equally.

Eshung indicated that the man of God allegedly went for a loan for the exercise. It was gathered that after the jujuman Martin Nyamekye had succeeded in digging out the gold, he gave a warning that based on the conditions from the gods, nobody should touch the precious mineral until one month period else the gods will turn the gold into stones.

The jujuman it was gathered, hid the gold in a pot in the presence of Mr Kwaku Eshung and his friends and kept it in a room at Mampong Aboantem.

Information had it that after the gold operations, Mr Kwaku Eshung sent a message to the man of God who congratulated him (Eshung) for the fruitful exercise.

Mr Kwaku Eshung said instead of waiting for the one month period to elapse before touching the gold as instructed by the fetish priest, pastor Macaiah Addai forced him (Eshung) to go to the scene and take away the gold.

Macaiah Addai's alleged reason was that since the jujuman had successfully driven away the spirits, anyone can touch it, and moreover if care is not taken the jujuman would secretly run away with the gold.

He also allegedly insisted that if the loans were not paid in time it would attract heavy interest.

Eshung alleged that without the knowledge of the jujuman he and pastor Macaiah Addai drove to where the gold was hidden at Mampong Aboantem, broke into the room and amidst heavy prayers, the man of God himself took the pot of gold to Kumasi.

According to Eshung, pastor Macaiah Addai opened the pot and to his amazement the supposed gold had turned into stones.

In an answer to a question, Kwaku Eshung said Macaiah Addai started blaming him (Eshung) for misleading him (Macaiah Addai) to involve himself in rituals for money, and accordingly asked him to pay part of the loans they took for the operations.

"I refused to do so because he (Macaiah Addai) refused to comply with the jujuman's directives," Eshung told this Correspondent.

Kwaku Eshung related that since he could not withstand the huge pressures from Macaiah Addai to pay part of the loan, he also arrested the jujuman for a refund of the money, but at the police station, the fetish priest who has since taken vanished into thin air pleaded for an amicable settlement where he was compelled to withdraw the case.

Several attempts to reach Macaiah Addai for his side version failed as his phone was out of coverage area.

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