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Re: There Is A Vast Difference Between A Loyalist And An Opportunist

Re: There Is A Vast Difference Between A Loyalist And An Opportunist

There is a saying in my local language that 'God's seedling cannot be killed by drought'. This means that, a viable seedling will always survive no matter how it is exposed to drought. The opponents of a man who is destined for greatness are trying all they can to break the unbreakable. All their propaganda seem not to be flying, even an inch. The sooner they stop the propaganda, the better for them.

I have come across a write-up with the heading above, authored by one E. G. Buckman and I asked myself, what is the import of this write-up? In short, he wants the whole world to believe that, a person is a loyalist to a party if he or she joins it from it's inception but an opportunist if he or she joins it later. How on earth can he question the loyalty of a person to a party by virtue of the time of joining it?

An objective writer will rather look at the actions and inactions of a person from the time of joining the party till now. What has transpired along the way in the political environment should be a matter for discussion rather than the mere time of joining a party. There are distinguished individuals of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who contributed greatly to the formation of the party, that cannot be disputed. They have discharged their duties creditably well without any blemish and loyalty issues. One does not need to take a talking drum to the market square to tell the whole world their contributions to the party.

However, when an individual who joined the party, from its inception, behavior exhibits gross disloyalty and credibility crises, his name cannot be proudly mentioned when the names of such distinguished individuals are mentioned. Let's objectively without any malice compare the following individuals of the party who have put themselves up to lead it. Who, between them is a loyalist or an opportunist: or has questionable loyalty and love for the party?

An aspirant who they claim is a 'founding member', now 'founding Chairman' of the party since 1992, who suddenly wrote a resignation letter to the party in 2008 for his parochial interest?

An aspirant who was hugely linked to a then 'about-to-be' formed political party immediately after writing his resignation letter?

An aspirant who cannot associate himself to a single constituency in Ghana and by extension has not made any meaningful impact on any constituency in Ghana?

An aspirant who usually disappears from the political scene and only reappears when there are Presidential Primaries to contest? In short, an aspirant who only go to the delegates when there are Presidential Primaries and disappear afterwards?

An aspirant who was appointed into government for virtually contributing nothing to the win of that power and served for six years in that government, who turned around to name it a NATO government after resignation?

An aspirant who was given a cabinet minister to serve in a government, who thinks, that government has no message for Ghanaians?

Or an aspirant:
who was appointed as a running mate in 2008, who has rendered uninterrupted and tireless services to the party and continue to render very important services since he was appointed as a running mate and now as a Vice President?

who sacrificed his job at the Bank of Ghana and took a risk by accepting to be a running mate, that was never a guarantee that he will automatically become a Vice President?

who put his political career on the line by opting to be a star witness in a very important and historical election petition in Ghana, when others were not willing to testify in court for the party?

who has travelled the length and breadth of Ghana, campaigning for the party until the party won elections two times, consecutively?

who can boast of having meaningful impact in almost all the constituencies in Ghana?

who, the opposition NDC members have publicly attributed the two consecutive wins of power for the NPP to?

Dear delegates, the ball is in your court, for you to decide who a loyalist or an opportunist is.

As for me, NPP have messages for Ghanaians not just a message. It is possible. In Shaa Allah

Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu - Gambaga Constituency
North East Region