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21.02.2007 General News

Boy's Death Blamed On Tampico


Panic has since Monday gripped the populous town of Ashaiman near Tema, after a fifteen-year-old boy died shortly after reportedly drinking the orange drink called Tampico. But producers of the drink have firmly denied the possibility of Tampico being the cause.

Three days ago, Kwame Amissah (now deceased) was rushed to the Tema General Hospital upon complaining of stomach pains allegedly occasioned by helping himself to one sachet full of Tampico drink: he died 15 minutes later at the hospital.

The start of the controversial story is that, last Monday, Kwame was with his friends lingering around when they decided to buy Tampico from one of the itinerant vendors on bicycles to quench their thirst. The three boys bought one each to drink; but when Kwame tasted his, he found out that his was tasting bitter and told his friends. The other two, Cephas and Eric, also tasted it and realized that it was true that Kwame's tasted bitter and they advised him to throw it away.

Kwame reportedly insisted on devouring the whole content of the sachet because, “I used my hard earned money to buy it.”

As they were still lingering, he complained of stomach pains and Eric rushed to his house to tell the senior sister what had happened. The sister, together with Eric, rushed to where his brother was, bundled kwame and rushed him to the Tema General Hospital where his sudden death occurred.