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21.02.2007 General News

Are we slaves?

By : Adom in Accra

“I'm told of an argument that we should have allowed them to go through the East Legon area and let them enjoy a bit of the hustle and bustle we go in, I don't think that is the sort of punishment we want to give our dignitaries.”

The above statement is attributed to the acting Minister of Transport, Felix Owusu Agyapong, a Member of Parliament and a man nursing presidential ambitions for Elections 2008.

Until I read his statement, which he made in defence of an access road to the Accra-Tema Motorway by Trasacco Valley Estates, I had thought that he deserved a chance for NPP's flagbearer contest. Now I have my doubts.

Sometimes it appears it is a real curse to be a Ghanaian; especially when you choke on irresponsible statements from officials who are supposed to inspire a nation's growth.

Isn't it amazing that a minister of state in the calibre of Felix Owusu Agyapong would throw up such a statement and ask the rest of the nation to respect humanity?

My simple understanding is that it is a punishment to drive on the East Legon road because of the unearthing but ever present traffic jam.

Rather than seek a permanent solution to the problem, it is more expedient for political considerations to give visiting dignitaries a pleasant outlook of Ghana by opening up the highway while Ghanaians get punished on a daily basis.

And then we shall follow our 'kind visitors' soon after they depart our shores with cap-in-hand to beg them for funds to assist us do whatever.

Can we get serious Mr. Minister; this is simply unbecoming of a presidential material. I thought what is good for the goose will also be ... George Orwell would have had cause to review his Animal Farm and you know why. A fresh episode just opened.

Source: Adom in Accra