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19.02.2007 General News

Police Avert Clash At NPP Office


The countrywide NPP-on-NPP violence continues unabated, so much so that it has finally caught the unseeing eyes of Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafo, the pro-NPP Editor of the state-owned 'Daily Graphic'. Previously, it had been the 'Chronicle' that had daily chronicled the numerous incidents of NPP-on-NPP violence, which chronicling Ghana Palaver has graciously culled and always acknowledged.

It was therefore strange to see in the Daily Graphic of Monday, February 5, 2007, at page 44, a report of a violent NPP-on-NPP incident in which warning shots were fired and during which but for the timely intervention of the police, a clash would have been inevitable. So strange is the report, appearing in the Daily Graphic as it did, that we have decided to repeat it unedited. Now read on.

“Police Avert Clash At Tema NPP Office

THE timely intervention of the police averted a clash between two factions in the Tema East Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the occupation of their office at Tema Community One, last Thursday morning. Party members joined by a mob allegedly besieged the office apparently to attack officials on duty. Sensing danger the police were quickly brought in to control the situation.

Mr. Charles Boateng, constituency Secretary, flanked by some executive members of the constituency, told the Ghana News Agency that the party had been plagued by factions in the constituency. He said on Thursday morning when he entered the office, he heard the firing of warning shots and a man confronted him. Subsequently, a mob suddenly converged on the place and the police were called in to disperse them.

According to him, since heir election into office about two years ago, there has not been peace on their front and the occupation of the party office had become a problem as the key to the door had been changed seven times