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The way Ghanaians treat goats, cows, sheep, dogs, fowls is cruel, we need laws to protect animals — Moslem scholar to govt

Alhaji Abubakari MusahAlhaji Abubakari Musah
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Chairman of the Moslems Executive Foundation ( MEF) in Kumasi, Alhaji Abubakari Musah has expressed worry about the manner and way most Ghanaians maltreat animals, especially pets.

To reverse the trend, he indicated that the government must pass a law to protect animals in the country.

Speaking to the correspondent in an interview, Alhaji Abubakari Musa who doubles as the Managing Director of Basfam Co. Ltd in Kumasi observed that Allah created animals for a purpose.

He noted that animals exist to protect mankind and serve as a companion and not for consumption.

The scholar registered his disappointment that due to lack of understanding about the existence of animals apart from killing them for meals, people maltreat them.

He cited how importers of cattle, sheep and goats put the animals through all forms of cruel means to the southern part of the country for sale.

He noted that a country whose citizens abuse the rights of animals and eat their meat never progresses indicating that Prophet Mohammed and even scriptures in the Bible and Quran advise people to love animals and feed them properly.

Alhaji Abubakari Musa who is also a key rice distributor pointed out that animals are important to society.

He indicated that government imported snakes from Kenya to Wa in the Northern region in 1987 to help scare away squirrels that were destroying seeds from germination.

The essence, according to him, was to help farmers to grow their crops and increase yields.

"The way we treat our animals is bad. If we were in the advanced countries many of us would have been jailed," Alhaji Abubakari Musa stated.

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