Trump's Mar-a-Lago Secrets!

Feature Article Trump's Mar-a-Lago Secrets!
JUN 13, 2023 LISTEN

The showman superman supremo that he is, President Trump probably was going to use the information to brag about his knowledge of America's secrets among power brokers around the world..."

So Mar-a-lago is not the ultimate paradise after all! Never "judge a book by its cover." You may have better use of your money for a more worthy cause!

How such a magnificent edifice occupying 62, 500 square foot and loaded with 126 rooms, boasting an exterior of sedating natural beauty (ocean front and swimming pool, vibrant gardens, courts, and all) and housing the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, could become a crime scene of epic proportions is very unnerving indeed!.

Revelations of magnificent Mar-a-Lago hoarding America's top defence and nuclear secrets including classified information about America's allies in its toilets, showeroom, ballroom, storeroom, and dining room is perhaps one of the craziest presidential scandals in American history.

I wonder whether Trump really believed in his capture or whether he ever read them at all. He doesn't come across as someone who would read anything that's not first of all about him and on twitter. He is like the over pampered child who can't sit still unlss he is the subject of discussion and attention. He most probably doesn't even know what is contained in those sacred files!

To see highly sensitive national security information of the most powerful nation on earth litter the toilet floor and shower room of Mar-a-Lago is a tell-tale sign of America's descent into democratic ridiculousness.

America's Presidential Records Act (PRA) permits a president to access classified information as the Commander-in-Chief and guardian of America's national interest.

But for a president to steal mountains of sensitive secrets from the Oval Office (when he is no more in office) and spill them lackadaisically all over the floor like a man spewing rotten groundnuts out of his mouth is a remarkable ineptitude on international display.

To think that a former president would handle sensitive information which took many years and hundreds of millions of tax payer's dollars to gather with such frivolous abandon (not to mention the lives that were put at risk in the process, and the danger of such information falling into the wrong hands is quite depressing.

But what could be the former president's motive for stealing sensitive national security information? We can only hazard a guess. The showman superman supremo that he is, president Trump probably was going to use the information to brag about his knowledge of America's secrets in order to bolster his power and invincibility or he could probably trade them for personal benefits and influence among the power brokers of this world.

Either way, one thing is clear--- he wasn't going to use the information to protect Americans from terrorists. Whatever he had in mind, his calculations were unbalanced in favour of his personal avarice rather than protecting a single American life.

The spirit of dictatorship that drove him to light the January 6 fires (for which he is yet to be indicted) is the same unstable spirit behind this illegal acquisition of nuclear and defence secrets for his private glory.

Nevertheless, his indictment is a huge relief for the rule of law. Twice impeached, facing multiple legal contusions in multiple states, already charged for the Stormy Daniels affair, and now having been indicted and charged for 37 counts of possible criminality, with an addendum of more felonious charges lined up against him, what joy can anyone with such embarrassing leadership profile have in desiring to run for the presidency of the United States again?

The former president could be staring into the barrel of 400 years behind the cooler. But that would not halt America's democratic decline. Donald Trump is only exploiting gaping holes in America's exaggerated democracy, and for this he deserves a national honor rather than spending time behind bars.

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