Akyem-Abuakwa traditional Council initiate processes to destool Chief of Aworasa

By Edwin Kofi Siaw || Eastern Regional Correspondent
Social News Akyem-Abuakwa traditional Council initiate processes to destool Chief of Aworasa
JUN 7, 2023 LISTEN

Akyem-Abuakwa Traditional Council yesterday Monday 5 June 2023 performed traditional rites to initiate the destoolment of Barima Pobi Asomanin, Chief of Aworasa.

The embattled Chief who also claims to be the Chief of Asamankese has been cited for gross misconduct against the overlord of the area, Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin.

He is being accused by the traditional Council for defying the orders of the Okyenhene to go back and swear an oath of allegiance as the Chief of Aworasa when he ( Barima Pobi) hauled other sub-chiefs including the Chief of Okurase and Coaltar before the Okyenhene.

He had accused them of usurping his authority to allegedly encroach on portions of lands in his jurisdiction.

However, Barima Pobi Asomanin's legitimacy as a chief became a subject of questioning at the Ofori Panin fie when he was asked by the Okyenhene in what capacity he had summoned the sub chiefs.

In answering the question which was posed to him three times, whether he had appeared before the Okyenhene as the Chief of Aworasa or the Chief of Asamankese, he admitted being the former ( Chief of Aworasa).

The Okyenhene then directed that he returns to swear the oath as the Chief of Aworasa.

When he was being ushered by the elders of the Ofori Panin fie to swear the oath, Barima Pobi Asomanin unceremoniously left the palace and never returned.

The Okyenhene in his remarks after he was informed of the alleged misconduct, said "henceforth I have taken back my Akofena (the sword of authority of a chief).

Following that, the Chiefs and elders performed customary rites to start the process of destooling him as the Chief of Aworasa.

"Yes the process has started to destool him for his misconduct. He goes round carrying himself as the Chief of Asamankese but he's not. The Council will not allow him to disrespect the Okyenhene," The Akyem-Abuakwa state Secretary, D.M Ofori Atta said.

The brouhaha over his legitimacy, according to the Council comes on the back of him usurping the authority of Okyenhene who had stopped him from holding himself up as the Chief of Asamankese.

This was after Barima Pobi Asomanin raided the Asamankese palace claiming legitimacy to the throne.

In a statement reacting to the events, the Okyenhene clarified that “Osabarima Adu Darko III remains the legitimate Chief of Asamankese; thus the purported installation of Barima Pobi Asomanin II, is unlawful, irregular, uncustomary, and an aberration of Akyem Abuakwa custom and therefore null, void, and of no effect.”

He further stated that the said impasse had already been resolved in favour of Osabarima Adu Darko III whiles Barima Pobi Asomanin II was fined hence his actions were an affront to “the dignity of Okyeman, and a desecration and violation of its cherished customs and traditions.”