Nogokpo v Agyinasare: Perez Chapel run to God

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JUN 5, 2023 LISTEN
Archbishop Charles Agyinasare

Members of Perez Chapel International are embarking on a week-long fasting and prayers amid the controversy between its Founder Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and the Chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Volta Region.

The Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Benjamin Ohene Aboagye declared the one-week fasting and prayers on Sunday, June 4.

He was standing in for Archbishop Charles Agyinasare who is on an international mission.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the leader of the Perez Church International has been summoned by the Chiefs of Nogokpo after he allegedly cast a slur on the town and its deity.

During a Supernatural Summit held at the headquarters of Perez Chapel in Accra on Thursday, May 25, Archbishop Agyinasare preached about divine protection where he described Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region.

Unhappy with this, the chiefs of Nogokpo during a press conference on Friday, June 2, issued a 14-day ultimatum to Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, to appear before them to address the issue.

Speaking to Citi News on the matter, the convener of the community, Nufialaga Mawufemor Korbla Nonyigbey stressed that if Archbishop Agyinasare refuses to come before the Chiefs, they will use him as a scapegoat.

“If you listen to what Archbishop Agyinasare said on Sunday, it wasn’t an apology. He rather came to justify it and that is where we realised that he’s taking us for granted. Or perhaps he thinks we cannot do anything. This is very disrespectful, he disrespected his wife and looked into our eyes his in-laws and insulted us.

“No amount of grammar, English can change what he said, and we were expecting him to come out with a sincere apology not for him to come and start speaking grammar to us. We have given him the 14-day ultimatum, if he likes he should come and do the needful if he likes he should refuse.

“He can decide to refuse, and we shall see who the controllers of cosmic power are. If he doesn’t do the needful we shall use him as scapegoat,” Nufialaga Mawufemor Korbla Nonyigbey threatened.

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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