03.06.2023 Feature Article

Nogokpo remarks by Archbishop Agyinasare: A good lesson to stop tribal and religious stereotyping in Ghana

Nogokpo remarks by Archbishop Agyinasare: A good lesson to stop tribal and religious stereotyping in Ghana
03.06.2023 LISTEN

Of course, the Bible talks about principalities and higher powers which humans are fighting against daily but not just against the fresh.

The respected man of God in citing an example to buttress his preaching made mention of Nogokpo as the ‘demonic headquarters in the Volta Region’.

The people of the Volta region, especially the Nogokpo residents feel slighted by his comments for obvious reasons. I completely side with their viewpoint as the man of God could have made his point on demonic attacks and protection without giving specifics and hurting others in the end.

The Nogokpo elders are now inviting the Archbishop for an in-person meeting to find an amicable way out of this issue. This is also good for inter-religious co-existence in Ghana. In fact, no religion or tribe is better than the other.

For me, what is most vital for us, as Ghanaians to learn from this turn of events, is that tribal and religious stereotyping in Ghana must be a thing of the past! We need to use our religious teachings and doctrines to shape their life for the common good.

We still have people in Ghana now who think that their tribe or religion is superior to or better than other religions or fellow Ghanaians are. This mentality is inflated and falsified self-importance! Fact is no TRIBE, RELIGION or REGION of Ghana is more superior to the other.

Legally, we are all equal before the law. Biblically, we are all sons and daughters of God with specific kind of purposes for which we are in existence.

We must begin to call out TRIBAL BIGOTS be it in the Southern, Northern, Western, or Eastern parts of Ghana to desist from such retrogressive and demeaning utterances or actions in the country.

At least, if Ghana is divided on political lines, the division should not be worsened by tribal or religious sentiments.

Ghanaians have co-existed so peacefully for a long time despite Ghana being a secular state. Let us all cherish our DIVERSITY in UNITY of purpose in our dear country and beyond.