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'It helps me overcome my grief' — Late Atsu's wife defends herself after dancing video goes viral

'It helps me overcome my grief' — Late Atsu's wife defends herself after dancing video goes viral
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Marie Claire-Rupio, the widow of the late Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu, has addressed critics who condemned her for posting a video of herself dancing just three months after her husband's death.

Atsu, 31, passed away in February after being trapped under rubble following an earthquake in Turkey.

The ex-Premier League winger was laid to rest in his hometown of Ada, Ghana last month.

After Rupio recently shared a video of herself dancing to Davido's song "Unavailable," many social media users in Ghana and Africa criticized her for not appearing to be mourning.

However, Rupio says the video was her way of coping with her grief and staying strong for the three young children she shared with the late Atsu.

"I am writing just to say a few things, yes I posted a dance video. Not because I am happy but because I have to find a way to deal with my grief," Rupio wrote on Instagram, adding, "I am not alone, I have 3 children to take care of by myself. I can't loose myself, because I need to be strong for them."

Rupio, a singer and dancer, explained that dancing has always been her passion and a means of maintaining her mental health.

"So excuse me, but please just think before you write something or put it on YouTube," she told critics.

While the style of mourning differs across cultures, Rupio said she deserves to find her own way to grieve the loss of her husband while shouldering the responsibility of single parenthood.

"We miss [Atsu] each passing day and it has not been easy for me as many Ghanaians will see it," she wrote, making clear that no outward display of mourning can reflect the depth of her inner sorrow.


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