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Old students of Benkum Secondary School share inspiring stories of alma mater

By Gwendy Laryea II Contributor
Old students of Benkum Secondary School share inspiring stories of alma mater

A wave of pride and accomplishment has swept through social media platforms as former students of Benkum Secondary School proudly share their notable achievements, attributing them to their formative years at the institution.

These inspiring posts captioned #BOSAANDPROUD, come in the wake of recent reports linking the school to a series of alleged scandals.

As news of the alleged controversies circulates, members of the Benkum Secondary Old Students (BOSA) have chosen to steer the narrative towards their accomplishments, highlighting the valuable education and experiences they received during their time at the institution. From groundbreaking research and award-winning artistic endeavors to entrepreneurial successes and esteemed professional careers, these individuals are showcasing the positive impact that Benkum Secondary School had on their lives.

In a display of unity and gratitude, countless old students have taken to various social media platforms to share their stories, acknowledging the pivotal role the school played in shaping their personal and professional development. Through heartfelt anecdotes and uplifting testimonials, they aim to shed light on the many success stories that have emerged from the institution. The posts not only serve as a celebration of individual achievements but also as a testament to the enduring legacy of Benkum Secondary School.

Speaking to some old students, they credited the school's rigorous academic training, dedicated teachers, and conducive environment as instrumental in their journey to success. By highlighting these positive aspects, they hope to counterbalance the negative image that recent reports have cast on the institution. “Amidst the alleged scandals that have plagued Benkum Secondary School, we the BOSA are determined to re-establish the school's reputation as a nurturing environment that fosters excellence and fosters the growth of talented individuals”, says Mr. Frederick Appiah, the Vice President of BOSA National Executives. By showcasing their accomplishments, they seek to inspire current and future students, instilling a sense of pride and motivation.

As the online testimonials continue to gain momentum, members of the wider social media community have also joined the conversation, expressing admiration for the achievements of the Benkum Secondary School through the old students. Many have commended the school for its undeniable contribution to the success of these individuals and have called for a balanced perspective amidst the controversies. “We want those who are in school to aspire to all the great things and people we have become. It is a great place to learn and be nurtured,” he concluded.

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