How Can An Ambulance For The Ghana Health Service Find Its Way Into The Dubai Automobile Market?

Feature Article How Can An Ambulance For The Ghana Health Service Find Its Way Into The Dubai Automobile Market?

There is no mistake in the adage that wonders will never end because unexpected events are happening all across the world. How does an ambulance for the Ghana Health Service get into the car market in Dubai? Since many Ghanaian hospitals lack adequately maintained ambulances, which frequently results in the death of many patients, how can the government of Ghana explain this?

Ghana is a very depressing nation, and the fact that crimes, including corruption, are committed without consequence has created the opportunity for more crimes to be perpetrated every day. According to "Ohene David," Don Tilo, a friend of his from Dubai, decides to go for a walk to see if he can buy a car. While he was at the auto market, he noticed ambulances from the Ghanaian health service that were for sale.

Ohene David encouraged Don Tilo to speak to Ghanaians so that others may hear from him since he doesn't want to be accused of creating a phony or editing the video. As Mr. Tilo described his find, he walked over to an ambulance bearing the inscription, "Radiology Specialist Ambulance, Ministry Of Health, Funded By World Bank." What is going on under this administration, and nobody is saying anything?

Everyone can see the text that reads, "GHANA NATIONAL AMBULANCE SERVICE, TIMELY CARE SAVES LIVES," because the man moved his recording to the top of the vehicle. The Toyota Hiace ambulance has an emergency dialing number 112 behind it. When I did my research on the number, it was confirmed on the website "Treks Medics International" that the emergency dial call for an ambulance in Ghana is 112 or 193. The web address for further information:

This suggests that the video is real and that the government of Ghana's ambulance, which is scheduled to be in the nation, has been moved to a car market to be sold. Who is responsible for this crime? I'm confident that the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, would release a compelling narrative to defend the government as soon as the video begins to become viral on social media because this administration never accepts responsibility for any wrongdoings.

How can the government behave so carelessly when hospitals around the country need ambulance service? Is the manufacturer selling the ambulance because the Ghanaian government was unable to obtain funding to pay for it? If so, why does it state that the World Bank is providing the funding? Or are they attempting to raise money for the 2024 elections they are aware they can never win?

I'm so confused that I have no idea what to say. To eliminate any possibility of doubt, Don Tilo, the man who found the ambulance for sale, walked closer to it and asked someone to take a picture of him close to the ambulance, so that Ghanaians will know he is in Dubai. He again repeated the action, this after stretching his leg out to touch the rear tire of the vehicle.

The broad line colors of Ghana's flag and coat of arms are visible to all, proving that the video is authentic. Such crimes undermine our nation, if the World Bank learns about them. I'll leave this embarrassing case to Akufo Addo's government and Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, the health minister, to explain to Ghanaians how the ambulance got up in the Dubai automobile market.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024