Sun, 28 May 2023 Feature Article

Father Joop Visser: Wu y3 bue a aankasa, wai!

Father Joop Visser: Wu y3 bue a aankasa, wai!

Father Joop Visser, what I particularly like about Professor Kojo Yankah's virtual Pan African museum project's push into South America, is that although Blacks there are marginalised like most Blacks outside of Africa, often are, through the museum project, and personal visits to Nkrumah's Ghana, many will gradually gain self-confidence, and be imbued with abundant self-belief, which will enable them to shine in the societies of their oft-racist countries.

Sage, Amen to all that, wai. One's hope, is that in the not too distant future, perhaps a Pope much like you, in spirit, might be selected to lead the Roman Catholic Church, from its Vatican City HQ. Amen.

As for the here and now, yes, let us by all means enjoy our allotted time-span on this plane, in harmonious fashion, with all our fellow humans (regardless of skin-hue and professed religious faith), and all the other life-forms we share our common home (our existentially-threatened biosphere), with.

So therefore, Hallelujah, to all that, sayeth Kofi Thompson - an irascible, uneducated and ignorant old fool: who is not a fool for nothing, koraaaa, wai, Sage, lol. Father Joop Visser, wu y3 bue ankaa!

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