What Does Rebecca Akufo Addo's Position As First Lady Mean To Ghanaians?

Feature Article What Does Rebecca Akufo Addo's Position As First Lady Mean To Ghanaians?

Anyone who wants to know how the first lady has impacted society must pay great attention to how she acts, looks, speaks, and even dresses. What obligations do the first ladies of Africa have compared to the first ladies of the United States of America? In this article, Rebecca Akufo Addo, the first lady of Ghana, will be examined and evaluated. What does her role entail for Ghanaians, and what has she accomplished for the nation since her husband was elected president?

Madam Rebecca will agree that this is my first article about her; unless there is a significant issue, I don't often write about women. I must say right away that Madam Rebecca has completely let me down, just as much as her husband has. It is claimed that "Behind every successful man, there is a woman," but since Akufo Addo is unquestionably the worst president in Ghana's political history, I will presume that Rebecca is likewise a total failure in her personal life.

I've been wondering how Rebecca Akufo Addo's role as first lady has impacted Ghanaians over the years, especially given the way her husband has lied to and misled Ghanaians about improving their lives after disparaging and labeling Mahama as corrupt and incompetent. Ghanaians, however, have only seen massive corruption, unaccounted amounts of enormous debt, the failure of businesses, and domestic and foreign investments since he came to power through the power of tribalism.


It is argued that behind every successful man, there is a woman, therefore; if Akufo Addo is the worst president in Ghana’s political history that also reveals that Rebecca is incompetent like her husband.

As a result of Akufo Addo's lack of good education, everything he attempts to accomplish either fails or is accomplished by coercion. I keep bringing up the article I wrote about the president on October 21, 2019, titled "Akufo Addo Had Thought Being President In Ghana Is Very Easy." If Akufo Addo didn't have a wife, would he have fared better? I need to know because I can't see how important this woman is to Akufo Addo. Readers will completely comprehend what I'm saying.

The president known as Akufo Addo committed to protecting the public coffers, but he ended up becoming the most corrupt leader in Ghanaian political history. When yearning for power, Akufo Addo promised to lower taxes after accusing Mahama of creating more taxation. However, it turned out that he is the first Ghanaian leader to impose several taxes. Despite having built several projects, Akufo Addo called Mahama incompetent, yet he has cut more sods in the nation than any other leader without projects. It was just recently, I heard from Rev. Oduro that despite Akufo Addo cutting sod for a project at Amasaman four years ago, the project hasn’t been started. This shows his cunning and deceitful nature.

The involvement of Akufo Addo in illegal gold trading and mining, which cost the country billions of dollars, occurred right in front of the so-called first lady, and I think Ghanaians will be interested to hear what role she played in preventing this terrible scenario for our nation. Why has Rebecca never shown any concern to the public if she truly cares about the terrible status of the nation? Just curious as to how she felt after learning that her husband was allegedly responsible for killing NPP politician J.B. Danquah-Edu.

How can a president of a country lose a politician from his party, yet Akufo Addo never called for an investigation into the death of J.B. Danquah or tried to track down the killers of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, who was killed because he was looking into corruption scandals under the current government. However, Akufo Addo quickly criticized the US police for killing George Floyd. What a hypocrite! I must be clear that while I do not support the president, I hate his lack of integrity and deceitfulness as a leader.

To make life extremely difficult for other Ghanaians and the opposition, the cunning president has nominated crooked justices to the Supreme Court. He has also chosen state-sponsored media to defend his crimes and immoralities. Nothing is going well under the NPP government, this is ridiculous. It seems election rigging with impunity is now permitted by Ghana's Constitution, planned by individuals like Jean Mensa serving as the head of the Electoral Commission.

Ghana is bleeding because Rebecca's husband doesn't construct projects; instead, he either demolishes them or renames them. What function does this first lady have in the life of such a nonchalant president who yet spends and embezzles Ghanaian finances, particularly COVID funds? Together with his criminal relative Ken Ofori-Atta, they tortured Ghanaians with debt restructuring to secure IMF assistance, leading to more difficulties and uncertainty throughout the nation.

When a woman marries a politician, she must be prepared to accept that she will play an important role in society as the vulnerable individuals who voted for them depend on them. For example, Michelle, Barack Obama's wife, started several social events. She was fervently committed to fighting for children's obesity, supporting military families, and the rights of women. While visiting Ghana, the couple donated to enhance the hospital that provides care for the La-Teshie-Nungua people.

As is well known, the hospital was demolished four years ago by the president to erect a cutting-edge medical institution, but not even the foundation has been laid. The tragic aspect of Akufo Addo's widespread corruption is that he constantly has tribal bigots on his side, including state-funded sponsored journalists, like Paul Adom-Otchere, who support him and defend his crimes. Tribalism has undermined and buried all the initiatives or accomplishments of the former Ghanaian leader, John Mahama, whom Akufo Addo repeatedly lied about, accused, and insulted.

What has Rebecca accomplished as the first lady for children and orphans in Ghana? The woman has established a website called "The Rebecca Foundation," where she identified herself as the Executive Director of the Rebecca Foundation and the First Lady of the Republic of Ghana. She claims that to carry out its projects since 2017, the foundation collaborates with governmental entities, the commercial sector, development partners, civil society, and non-profit organizations.

She lists some of her accomplishments as leading the effort to build a new mother and baby unit at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, supporting the Akwapim schools for children with special needs, helping numerous children from all over the nation receive urgent medical care, and providing resources to numerous orphanages across the nation. If Rebecca's charity has undertaken the challenges she claims, she wouldn’t fail miserably together with her husband. She might probably be the worst first lady in Ghana’s political history just like her husband, the worst president.

It appears that Rebecca showers every morning in milk and moisturizes her body with cream of gold, therefore; she doesn’t care about the suffering people her husband deliberately ruined their income through the fraudulent E-Levy and other multiple taxations, despite failing to provide work for them. Yet, he has Richard Ahiagbah and other individuals lying to Ghanaians about what he has never accomplished. Rebecca, things won't stay the same every day. If you are a woman who cares about the suffering people, take action; else, you will regret supporting someone as lazy, cunning, deceitful, and incompetent as Akufo Addo in the future.

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