Mlgwui encourages Bono returnees to become sustainable entrepreneurs after return home

  Sat, 27 May 2023
Regional News Mlgwui encourages Bono returnees to become sustainable entrepreneurs after return home

The Head of Education International Relations of the Migrant Labour General Workers' Union International (MLGWUI) Comrade Justice Baako NTARMAH urged Bono Region Returned Migrants referred to as Returnees to take advantage of MLGWUI Economic Inclusion for Returnees and Potential Migrants (known as There Is Hope After Return) Business and Coaching Training Sessions to enable them become self-employed and sustainable entrepreneurs after returned home.

This was contained in his closing remarks at the end of DSIK-MLGWUI 5-day Returnees' Micro Business Training Workshop held at the Jaman South Municipal Assembly Hall, Drobo in the Bono Region of the Republic of Ghana.

"It is obvious that many African political leaders disappointed African citizens in terms of internal employment and labour relations, hence international labour migration becomes the last resort for African potential migrants to migrate to work in order to return to satisfy or make ends meet as breadwinners in their families to contribute their quota in building community and socio-economic national development".

"My Dear Comrade Returnees and Trainees, I however charge you to tell your potential migrant friends who might have the intention to migrate through unethical recruitment agencies or agents who cannot guarantee Decent Employment Agenda for Migrant Workers to be cautioned through your experiences and your successful stories gave media and public as a tool for others in taking labour migration pre-decision in order to avoid Irregular Labour Migration Woes. Before a potential migrant migrates, he or she should seek enough information before through Migrant Labour General Workers Union International MLGWUI and Labour Departments before departure", Comrade Ntarmah advised.

In his message, the Co-ordinator for Business Training of DSIK, Mr. Benjamin Tawiah Adomako encouraged trainees to take advantage of DSIK-MLGWUI as good solution to acquire knowledge in establishing and doing business in an effective way for sustainability and better livelihood.

Comrade Justice appeals to international organisations to support the MLGWUI to continue its sustainable education and business and coaching training sessions in Africa.

He expressed his gratitude to the Senior Trainees Mssrs. Ernest Aidoo and Peter Takyi respectively for their time and patience with Trainees during 5-day training.

All trainees received certificate of participation and support for returning to their various homes.

The Migrant Labour General Workers' Union International (MLGWUI) is a migrant workers trade union organisation ensures Decent Work, Protection, Education, Occupational Safety and Health, Linguistic Culture for Migrant Workers, Returned Migrants (Returnees), Refugees, International Volunteer Workers in both Africa and Diaspora.

German Sparkassensitiftung for International Cooperation (DSIK) partnered with Migrant Labour General Workers' Union International (MLGWUI) in funding the migrant union organisation MLGWUI through MLGWUI education department and legal department Finnish-French Migrant Resource Centre (FFMRC) in educating and offering Business Training and Business Coaching Training Sessions to Migrants.

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