Thu, 25 May 2023 Opinion

Hon. Ben Ayiku writes: I support and would join the upcoming demo 

By Hon. Ben Ayiku, MP for Ledzokuku constituency
Hon. Ben Ayiku writes: I support and would join the upcoming demo

Over the past years, I have tirelessly advocated for the improvement of our roads, using every available platform and employing various lobbying approaches to capture the attention of the central government, the Urban Road and Highway Departments, and other relevant agencies. Unfortunately, our efforts have thus far been met with limited success.

In light of the collective demands expressed by the esteemed Drivers' unions, the Teshie youth groups, and several individuals and organizations within our community, I wholeheartedly endorse their upcoming peaceful demonstration and would partake in it. This demonstration represents an opportunity for us to unite and collectively emphasize the urgency of the matter at hand—the dire need for immediate action to address the poor condition of our roads.

I assure you all that I will continue to employ all means at my disposal to compel the relevant agencies in the roads sector to swiftly undertake the necessary measures to ensure our roads are made safe and accessible for all. Nevertheless, I believe that the planned demonstration by the Drivers' unions and other stakeholders in our beloved constituency serves as a powerful statement that cannot be ignored.

Let us stand together, unified and resolute, in our call for both the Central government and the Municipal Assembly to fulfil their responsibility to us—the people they represent. The time has come for them to recognize the significance of our demands and take immediate action to improve our roads. Our voices joined in peaceful protest, will amplify the urgency of our cause and leave an indelible mark on the conscience of those in power.

I implore all of you, my esteemed constituents, to lend your unwavering support to this demonstration. Let us showcase the strength of our community and our unwavering commitment to our shared vision of a Ledzokuku Constituency with well-maintained and safe roads. Together, we can bring about the change we so desperately need.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Let us march forward, shoulder to shoulder, as we work towards a brighter future for our constituency.