Dr Mahamudu Bawumia Has Exhibited Statemanship On The Bawku Issue

Feature Article Dr Mahamudu Bawumia Has Exhibited Statemanship On The Bawku Issue

History tells us that the conflict in Bawku is a creation of politics and politicians dating back in 1957. It is not hidden to anyone who wants the truth that the conflict in Bawku is a chieftaincy issue created by politicians for their own parochial interest. It all started by Dr Kwame Nkrumah and his CPP sarogate. The conflict has run through many both military and democratic governments in Ghana till date.

The recent conflict started in November, 2021 under the Nana Akufo-Addo government with his abled Vice President, H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia who happens to be a Mamprusi by tribe. There have been calls from one of the feuding factions for Dr Bawumia to speak on the issue. Dr Bawumia being a peace loving person and a good stateman has decided to stay silent on the Bawku issue for good reason. Actions they say speaks louder than words. He has demonstrated to both feuding factions that he is indeed a stateman by deeds.

During this conflict, Dr Bawumia has donated food items to all the sides to alleviate their sufferings without any discrimination. The items were personally recieved by the Bawku Municipal Chief Executive on behalf of both sides and distributed accordingly. If indeed, you do not describe Dr Bawumia as a stateman who else will you describe as such? He has shown to all Ghanaians that though his tribesmen are involved but he can remain neutral as humanly as possible.

Another important point people need to know about Dr Bawumia's neutrality on the Bawku issue is the show of kind gesture to the Kusasi during their celebration of their festival called Samanpid festival in 2022. He donated some amount of money to the Kusasi to help them celebrate their festival. Upon all these actions by the Vice President, why do you still want him to talk?

It was all over the airwaves in 2021 when the Overlord of Mamprugu Kingdom sent his kinsmen to Bawku to perform the funeral of his late son, former Bawku Naaba, Naa Adam Zangbeo. They were arrested in Bolga after the performance of the funeral and sent to Accra. Though, the funeral was legally and customarily performed but they were illegally detained for more than one week without bail and without trial in competent court of jurisdiction. It took the intervention of the youth of Mamprugu through press releases and their lawyers to ensure their kinsmen were arranged before court. Dr Bawumia allowed the legal process to take it's course without any interference. I believe if this had happened to the tribesmen of the Kusasi, they would have accused the Vice President of being the mastermind behind their illegal detention. So, it is clear that despite such an unlawful actions to the tribesmen of Dr Bawumia, he remained silent and neutral until they were successfully discharged by a Court of competent jurisdiction. Whoever is forcing him to talk on the Bawku issue should revise his/her notes.

There are many issues that the Kusasi would have bitterly complained had it been metted out to them by this government. The issues that came after the enskinment of the 15th Bawku Naaba by the Nayiri, the King of the Mamprugu Kingdom were terrifying and alarming to the people of Mamprugu but the youth of Mamprugu did not depend on any politician to peacefully defend their kingdom. The youth of Mamprugu have chosen the path of peace and are resolute in achieving peace in Bawku without the help of any politician but through due process. The Vice President was silent on those issues as stateman though his tribesmen were bitter. He exhibited a great statemanship. So if Kasaug people's congress and other Kusasi groups alike would not commend him for the show of neutrality, they should kindly desist from forcing him to comment on the issue.

Interesting point that needs attention is the manner in which some NPP members in the Bawku Traditional Area expressed themselves on the Bawku issue. They have tried to link the conflict to Dr Bawumia to the extent that some are even threatening to vote for different candidates instead of him. The issue at hand is a dicey one that needs to be assessed holistically by NPP members within the Bawku traditional area. It is absolutely clear that some NDC leaders among the Kusasi are trying so hard to benefit from the conflict hence, the false declaration of the self independence. They are deliberately creating a disaffection of the Kusasi in NPP for Dr Bawumia simply because Dr Bawumia is the only man in NPP as we speak to break the eight. The advice to NPP members in the Bawku Traditional Area is that they should not heed to the deceptive posture of their tribesmen in NDC because they will definitely show them where they belong after deceiving them to make the wrong choice. They are aware that the other candidates contesting in the NPP presidential primaries are easily beatable by the NDC. You can deduce from the actions of Dr Bawumia that he is a true stateman who never discriminate against any of the feuding factions. Do not get deceived. I entreat you to massively vote for Dr Bawumia to break the eight for you to continue to enjoy your power. As former president Kufuor said, it is better to be a messenger in government then a general secretary in opposition.

If you follow the NDC politics in the Bawku area keenly, you will realized that their only strategy is to use the Bawku conflict for their political gains. Recently, when former president Mahama toured the area to canvass for votes in their presidential primaries, the Kusasi in NDC asked him to state his stand on the Bawku issue but he intelligently ignored their plea and went on to play with their minds by telling them untruth about the Bawku issue. He said the conflict only recurs when a particular government is in power. We all know very well that the conflict recurred when he was the president of Ghana. A Kusas in NPP, ask yourself why? So, do not be deceived for chieftaincy issue cannot be resolved by politicians. It is a fertile ground for them to fester on and nothing else.

Following the write-up above, it is unambiguous that Dr Bawumia's silence on the Bawku issue can only be measured by his deeds. He has clearly shown good will to both sides.