Zu-za Decides!

Feature Article Zu-za Decides!
MAY 15, 2023 LISTEN

The long-awaited and much talked-about Zu-za presidential and parliamentary contest came off last Saturday. There were surprises in the parliamentary contests, but none in the presidential.

We all expected President Ogwanfunu to win with a huge margin; the delegates did not disappoint in that regard. He won with 98.8 per cent of the total valid votes cast. Indeed, many had correctly predicted that it would be a miracle for Kojo Bonsu to win even 3 per cent of the valid votes.

Yes, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor had withdrawn on the eve of the polls, due to concerns over the photo album. One cannot help but wonder if his participation would have made any difference. After refusing to heed to wise counsel, both Dr. Duffuor and Kojo Bonsu have finally seen their smoothness level.

One of the hottest spots of the Zu-za parliamentary primaries was the Asawase Constituency. Tension was very high and voting had to be stopped on many occasions as a result of one confusion or the other. In the end, Muntaka Mubarak triumphed over Masawudu Mubarik. Muntaka polled 1,063 of the total votes cast in the constituency, while his contender managed 734.

The result at Asawase Constituency amplifies the saying, “Empty barrels make the most noise.” The result has shown that all the press conferences against Muntaka were organised by a noisy few, who thought their screams could scare Muntaka away. But Muntaka has proven the proverb that ‘one with Mugu Yaro head does not fear a hard knock’.

Talking about proverbs brings to mind ABA Fuseini’s loss. Mr. Proverbs, as many call him, was one of the heavyweights who fell at the Zu-za primaries. The Ranking Member on Parliament’s Communication Committee lost the Sagnarigu contest to a young Zu-za National Office Accountant, who beat him with a margin of 468 votes.

Who will give us rib-cracking proverbs, when Mr. Proverbs finally leaves the stage in Parliament? Perhaps, joining BBC’s “Story, story: voices from the market” as an actor wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Combining with Oga Titus and ‘Olushambus’ would raise the radio play to new heights.

Abusuapanin, Dr. Kpessa Whyte has lost the chance for the third consecutive time to represent Zu-za at the Shai Osudoku Constituency. Not even going round and driving banku for delegates and being a witness for his party at the 2021 election petition could do the trick for him.

Perhaps, both he and Ro-Jo Mettle-Nunoo leaving the ‘strong room’ with the excuse of going to consult with President Ogwanfunu as revealed at petition hearing was seen by the delegates as an irresponsible act. I pray for Doc to be 4th time lucky.

One lawyer from the Zu-za side I admire so much is Lawyer Kojoga Adawudu. Having served the Zu-za fraternity for more than two decades, I thought the delegates at Central Tongu Constituency will reward him with a win. I was therefore shocked to hear that he polled a measly 29 votes. Ah, Lawyer has suffered for nothing!

Ras Mubarak has also lost the Kumbungu Constituency primary for the second time. One can only imagine the excitement in the house of his ex-wife, Rasheeda. With the level of acrimony between the two, don’t be surprised to hear that she has celebrated her ex-husband’s loss with a party.

Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah too has lost his bid to contest the Keta Parliamentary seat in the upcoming 2024 general election. The renowned businessman placed third in a race that saw the incumbent MP, Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey, retain his candidacy with 486 votes. Jones-Mensah was confident of winning the seat because of the developmental projects he had carried out in the area.

Clearly, Jones-Mensah is a novice in the political game. The delegates only care about lining their pockets oo. Rumours reaching my ‘konkonsaic’ ears say he lost because delegates expected him to come bearing fancy gifts since he had a mega wedding last year. Yes, that is how short-sighted some delegates can be in this country!

Nana Oye Bampoe Addo has once again lost the Adenta Parliamentary primary to Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, Osono’s ‘akonta’. For reasons I cannot share here, Nana Oye’s loss is the only result that excited me in the Zu-za parliamentary primaries.

Finally, Rashid Pelpuo has again won to contest to represent the people of Wa Constituency. I’m still at a loss why his constituents continue to vote for him when the only jobs he can offer them are cutting of grass and breaking of stones for sale. If those jobs make them happy, who am I to question them?

While we await Osono’s turn to choose its presidential and parliamentary candidates, trust your nephew to bring you all the juicy ‘konkonsa’ in Asomdwekrom.

See you next week for another interesting ‘konkonsa.’ Deo volente!