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We are waiting for Dr. Bawumia

We are waiting for Dr. Bawumia

This article is not meant to suggest that Dr. Bawumia will win the Presidential slot of the NPP. Far from it but last week, Dr. Bawumia met a hand full of NPP MPs and declared his intention to contest for the Presidential slot of the NPP. The good news is, we are waiting for him.

  1. Is Dr. Bawumia not the head of the economic management team who introduced his “what a solid team” members? Is he aware that inflation is 45%, from 15% in 2017? Our credit rating with the international credit agencies is below junk, from a B- in 2017. Is he aware?
  2. Wasn’t Dr. Bawumia who told us they can fix all the road problems in Ghana by tolling the roads in the country? He said we don’t have to borrow to do that. Few weeks later, taking money at our toll booths were cancelled. We are waiting for him.
  3. Dr. Bawumia said they are not going to have a friends-and-family government. His government ended up having over 60 members, who are direct family and friends, including in-laws.
  4. In 2016, he said when the fundamentals of your economy are weak, the exchange rate will expose you. In 2021, he said it is a warp logic to think that when your currency is depreciating, it means the fundamentals of your economy is weak. We are waiting for him.
  5. I worked as deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana. I know the money is here and we don’t have to borrow for the country’s development. When Dr. Bawumia said that Ghana’s total public debt was GHC122 billion. Today, it is over GHC 600 billion, and he wants to become President. We are waiting for him.
  6. I prefer one Ghana card to a thousand inter-changes. He was making reference to how secure and credible the Ghana card is. Today, we know one Rev. Victor Kusi-Boateng, a. k. a, Kwabena Adu Gyamfi has two Ghana cards, two biological mothers and two TINs. . He is still the secretary to the National Cathedral Board.
  7. Dr. Bawumia said GHC 33 billion can build 16 regional hospitals, all district hospitals, solve all water problems, railway from South to Paga etc. They have borrowed over GHC 450 billion but not one regional hospital has been built. Railways is still from Accra to Tema as it was in 2017. They have done absolutely nothing with over GHC 450 billion borrowed.
  8. We have arrested the cedi and given the keys to the IGP. When he made that statement, the dollar was GHC4.2. Today, the dollar is GHC 13.00 and counting. We can’t wait for Dr. Bawumia to win the presidential primaries.
  9. We are building an airport and a harbor for the people of Cape Coast. That statement he made in 2020 has turned out to be a hoax. Another lie was that he said by 2018, every Ghanaian above 18 years will have a bank account.
  10. Taxing your people is a lazy way of governance. We will move from this Guggisberg economy of taxing people to a productive economy. We will abolish all the nuisance taxes. Today, Ghanaians are still paying “borla” and COVID taxes. Two weeks ago, three new nuisance taxes were passed by his government.

What Dr. Bawumia has not said is his position on LGBT+ and Galamsey. He thinks Ghanaians are still vulnerable as they were in 2016. If he wants to be President, no problem. School feeding caterers, domestic bond holders, nursing and teacher trainees GUTA members, TUC members, concerned drivers and other wise thinking Ghanaians, who don’t wash their faces upwards are waiting for him.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

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