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01.02.2007 Business & Finance

Govt Urged To Take Standpoint On Privatisation

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The recent situation at Ghana Telecom, where government was forced not to renew the management contract of Norwegian company Telenor, because of perceived mismanagement and the protests by workers at Ghana Water Company currently against expatriate company Aqua Vitens, has forced several civil society groups to call on government to take a stand point against Privatization of state-owned companies since they, in all cases, bring several unrests and destroy the image of the country.

Government late last year did not renew the contract of Telenor, after several perceived reports of mismanagement.

Currently Aqua Vitens Company, which is managing Ghana Water Company, is in a tussle with the workers, who are demanding high wages after allegations that the expatriates' bosses are ripping them off in terms of returns.

At a recent World Social Forum in Kenya, civil society groups reached a consensus that there should be no privatization whatever, including management contracts in any African country.

An Executive at the Third World Network (TWN), Mr Gyekye Tanoh told GHANANEWSTODAY that at no circumstance should government allow privatization of any state-owned institution, because the expatriates end up making huge profits, which they intend transfer to their countries and leave the country in ruins.

'We are seriously against any form of privatization, be it full or management contracts. Government should now take up the responsibility of ensuring that any form of privatization is prevented', he said.

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