Dr. Bawumia Is The Man To Beat!

Feature Article Dr. Bawumia
MAY 8, 2023 LISTEN
Dr. Bawumia

Surely, the contest in the Elephant fraternity to choose the one to lead the Great Elephant to the 2024 battle against those standing under the eagle-headed Umbrella is heating up.

Almost ten strong ‘Kukrudites’ have shown interest, but only three have a realistic chance of winning.

They are Kennedy Agyapong, Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremanten and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

I have watched many videos of Kennedy’s interaction with the delegates and his message of having sacrificed for the party, in cash and in kind, seems to be resonating with the delegates.

Kennedy’s disadvantage is that he had already tarnished his image with public insults and his abrasive style of politics. His love for country is, however, not in doubt. And that could be his trump card. His best will be a third position.

When I first heard that Alan had resigned early this year, I knew the battle lines had been drawn. I did expect him and his handlers to put up a spirited campaign, but not the reckless and hypocritical kind being dished out by Yaw Buabeng Asamoah and his ilk.

Yes, you heard right! Alan K saying there would be a clear departure from ‘No Action, Talk Only’ (NATO) system to ‘Great Transformational Plan’ (GTP) is nothing but reckless. He is by implication saying the government he resigned from was NATO.

Ironically, Alan is in another breath touting his so-called achievements as Trade Minister in the said NATO government. The sheer hypocrisy of demeaning a government that you were part of, and at the same time leveraging your association with the system to promote your political ambition! My friend Torgbui Titriku II sees it as Alan gleefully rubbing chili powder in his own eyes.

I couldn’t agree with him more. It’s obvious he is digging his own grave. His resignation in 2007 was seen as shooting himself in the foot. His poor showing in subsequent flagbearership elections in 2010 and 2014, 19% and 4% respectively, proves that fact. The NATO theory is the last nail in the coffin for him. Trust the delegates to punish him for his recklessness and hypocrisy.

Lest I forget, Alan subtly criticized the over-bloated belly of the Elephant, which I fully agree with. Many people, yours truly inclusive, have on numerous occasions said the Elephant’s over-bloated belly needed to be reduced. So we are glad Alan has also realized that fact now.

I’m, however, curious about the timing of his criticism. Why didn’t he impress upon President Nana Dee to reduce the Elephant’s belly two or three years ago? If he did and the President did not oblige, why did he not protest by resigning honourably from the Nana Dee government? Many would have hailed him as a hero and rallied behind him for the Osono leadership race for the 2024 battle.

But as things stand now, one cannot help but see his criticism of the Elephant’s over-bloated belly as a sycophantic action to make him look good in the eyes of the Osono delegates in particular, and the entirety of the population. People with such sycophantic traits cannot, and should not, be trusted.

I wish Alan well in his campaign. But I cannot wish him success in the Osono leadership race because I’m not a hypocrite. I choose the candidate who will stick by the party through thick and thin over the one who will jump ship at the least storm.

Dr. Bawumia is the man I refer to. He is the man who defended the party in court for 8 months during the 2013 election petition and helped in revolutionizing the country’s electoral process at the polling station. His analysis, presentation and revelation marked the turning point of the party’s electoral operations. That was how he got the name ‘Dr. Pink Sheet’.

His achievements as Vice-President are unprecedented. Chief among them is the digitalization agenda, which has improved transparency and efficiency in the system.

For example, the acquisition and renewal of passport which were hitherto fraught with delays can now be done in days. His ‘Gold for Oil’ project has not only helped in improving the prices of fuel, but also stabilized the Cedi against other currencies.

Despite the decline in economic gains made in the first term of the Nana Dee government, Dr. Bawumia still stands tall among his peers. That he is the man of innovation cannot be disputed by even his political rivals.

As for the religious card being played by the Alan camp, it is nothing but pure gimmickry. We all know the Elephant won't be gathering to turban a Chief Imam or ordain a Priest.

It is just to elect a political leader with proven dedication to the Elephant. In any case, since when did religion become a major determinant of whom to vote for?

Believe me when I say it wouldn’t even be a close contest. Yes, Alan claims he is next in line to lead. But the delegates will definitely show the world that the Osono flagbearership position is not a chieftaincy title with a succession plan.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!