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Ghana: Faith, Emotions, and Doing The Right Things

Ghana: Faith, Emotions, and Doing The Right Things
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DOING THE RIGHT THING in Ghana is not a matter of faith and emotions alone! No!

We are a nation of 66 years old! Our leadership of a President and 275 Members of Parliament know better and should better do the right things or else go down in history as having failed! Their rewards will be in history.

There is a Video showing some pastors or “men of God” (as they call them) in Ghana praying and making exhortations to end the disastrous practice of surface Mining of gold called Galamsay, that has caused so much pollution of Ghana river bodies.

Let me share my advice:
Our young men in rural areas need jobs! Gold mining seems like the short cut to wealth and all the boys in the villages are joining in. It seems our politicians are involved also. The latest reports in Ghana show the President’s own Chief advisers are involved, and that is perhaps why the Galamsay is still ongoing and hard to stop!

Let the men of God advice and preach to their congregation to honor God by our people producing what we are wearing on our bodies and our feet.

When some of us were growing up in the 1960s a company called Gyamfi Brothers was making fine Shirts and coats as nice as the imported ones!

And so what happened?
We were making shoes also! Even in my hometown of Abetifi tailors and seamstresses were making school clothing.

How come today we are importing already-made clothing? Is it not obvious our wicked Politicians are only interested in importing so they can pocket some money for their NPP or NDC parties!

Regular women’s clothing fabric was being made in Tema! Now we hear the Chinese are making some of them as our factories built by Anim Addo and others are fading away!

The SECRET of our human survival is not that complicated:

1. Incorporation of our Businesses so when the owner dies the Business can still continue.

- Do our Lawyers learn about business corporations and stock- ownerships in Ghana? Or they learn only about Land cases?

2. Let’s teach our kids to join in and be shareholders/ directors of our businesses as corporations!

A cousin of mine who has been a wealthy man owning hotels and some export business shared with me when I asked him about his children and the hotels. I felt sad! The Children are in America and he has sold the Business to his UK partner! Oh! My Gosh! You see oo!!

Ford Motor Company is still running. Chase Bank is still running. Industries started by Rockefeller, DuPont and JP Morgan are still running in America as new ones like Apple and Microsoft are also running!

A question I ask is: Are the African so-called rich people showing the source of their wealth and revenue and documenting sources? If so it should not be too difficult!

Some of us are the first generation of our black liberation era. I am telling you our misery is not for being too stupid and low IQ, unable to compete against others on equal setting; but rather our culture.

Let me explain simply:
A. Lacking humility to learn from others - how others have built their civilization and hence

B. Inability to work together in business as in corporations as shareholders of a big cake we all own and each have a piece of the cake! We like to make small cakes eh!

If anybody has doubts, please refer to my first Book:

Danso, K. A.: Leadership Concepts and the Role of Government in Africa (2007)

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso (Apr.27, 2023)