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27.01.2007 Crime & Punishment

Accuser In Trouble

By myjoyonline
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When a 38-year-old man, Amidu Mohammed, suspected a neighbour, Jacob Mahama, of being the thief who has been stealing his fowls from the coop in his house he lost his temper and went to attack him slapping him several times.

Jacob Mahama who did not understand why he should be attacked for a crime he had had not committed and went to the police to report Amidu for assaulting him.

The Police arrested Amidu and searched his premises where a substance suspected to be Indian hemp was found in his bedroom.

They also found some of the hemp cultivated on his compound and charged him for possessing and cultivating a prohibited substance.

He was taken to a high court presided over by Madam Angelina Mensah-Homian which sentenced him to 10 years' imprisonment in hard labour.

Giving details of the case, the Assistant State Attorney, Mr. Komla Agbeko Kra, said Amidu and Jacob are neighbours.

He said Amidu Mohammed who has some fowls kept in his coop has been experiencing shortages of the birds and suspected Jacob as the one who has been stealing them.

He said, he confronted Jacob over the missing birds and this developed into a confrontation during which Amidu slapped Jacob.

Mr. Agbeko Kra said Jacob did not understand why Amidu Mohammed should slap him and went to the police who arrested Amidu. He was taken to his house and a search in his room brought out substances suspected to be Indian hemp.

According to him a further search on the compound also revealed a farm in which he had planted tomatoes and Indian hemp. When questioned Amidu said he planted only tomatoes and did not know how the hemp found its way into the farm.

He, however, pleaded guilty on two charges of possessing and cultivation of Indian hemp and was sentenced on his own plea.