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22.01.2007 General News

Government Must Be All Inclusive

By Daily Graphic
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The National Organiser of the People's National Convention (PNC), Alhaji Abdul Moomin, has urged the government to endeavour to make the People's Assembly forum a national-centred event, instead of the current situation where it has been made an NPP fixture.

According to him, as a result of the current state of affairs, it becomes difficult afterwards for the other political parties to join hands with the government for any meaningful development activity, as they perceive to have been relegated to the background.

Alhaji Moomin told The Mirror this in his office in Accra, where he expressed his position on other issues concerning the nation.

He said though the President gave a brilliant opening address, questions that were asked later of his and the government's stewardship to the people were not demanding enough.

“It was a waste of resources and money, if you consider that the government moved the whole administration, including ministers and district chief executives to the place. There were too many submissions in support of the government. As such, we could not get the significance out of the occasion,” he said.

Alhaji Moomin, displeased with the turnout at the event, also indicated that the PNC was not officially invited to the forum in Sunyani and described the posture by the government as making light of the contributions of the opposition parties to national development.

“This is not good enough, especially so as we as a nation attempt to celebrate our 50th milestone together,” he said.

On the celebration itself, he said it was important that the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) was made to play a leading role in the scheme of affairs, because it was the party that won independence for the country and could therefore tell the independence story better.

“There would be errors if the Ghana @ 50 Secretariat is packed with people who have little knowledge about how independence was won,” he added.

He said though Ghanaians had come a long way since 1957, it was important to let the people understand that development could be achieved in their life-time and not when they were dead and gone.

He said this had been made all the more possible now that the country did not seriously owe the Bretton Woods institutions and had the money and time to develop based on its own agenda.

He gave the assurance that when the PNC came into power in January 2009, it would ensure a corruption-free government and would not spare any member of the party who misbehaved in that direction.

Story By Jojo Sam

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