Nanton MP who was involved in an accident had a deep cut on the forehead - Mahama Ayariga

Headlines Nanton MP who was involved in an accident had a deep cut on the forehead - Mahama Ayariga
APR 2, 2023 LISTEN

Bawku Central MP Mahama Ayariga has said that his colleague lawmaker who was involved in an accident when he was driving to Parliament on Friday, March 31 was speeding to vote on the three revenue bills.

He said the MP suffered a deep cut on the forehead and was rushed to Parliament despite the injuries.

He was subsequently sent to the hospital after proceedings in Parliament.

Speaking on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday, April 1, Mr Ayariga said “The report I got was that the accident happened around the Ghana Institute of Journalism just right behind Parliament. Apparently, he was speeding to Parliament to get the vote.

“I think when he got to that turn, I don’t know what happened but he got involved in the accident. He was brought to Parliament in an ambulance and then subsequently he was driven to the hospital.

“I haven’t heard about him yet, one of our colleague MPs who is a medical doctor escorted him to the hospital, I believe it was SSNIT Hospital and came back. He had a cut on the forehead. Beyond that, we don’t have any report of exactly what his condition is I wish him a speedy recovery.”

The Member of Parliament for Nanton and Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture , Alhaji Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua was involved in an accident while on his way to Parliament to partake in proceedings.

He was subsequently transported in an ambulance to Parliament to be able to take part in proceedings, TV3's Parliamentary reporter Komla Kluste said.

He was rushed to the hospital for medical attention after voting on the bills.

Parliament has since passed all three revenue bills.

The bills are the Income Tax Amendment Bill, Excise Duty Amendment Bill, and Growth and Sustainability Amendment Bill.

The government is seeking to generate approximately GH¢4 billion per year to supplement domestic revenue.