Sat, 01 Apr 2023 Nigeria

Msendo Idun and Babies Need Your Help

By Leo Igwe || Contributor
Msendo Idun and Babies Need Your Help

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) urges the government of Benue state to intervene and provide Ms. Msendo Idun and her babies necessary support. Ms. Idun, 20, is at the Foundational Memorial Hospital Makurdi where she gave birth to twins on Sunday, March 26, 2023. She has been discharged but cannot leave the hospital because of her inability to pay the medical bills. Msendo was billed 150,000 naira but has only paid 55 thousand naira. The father of the twins, Terwase, abandoned her shortly after she took in. The mother of Terwase, Mrs. Adzenda, asked the son to reject her and the pregnancy.

For nine months, Msendo managed the pregnancy without any help from Terwase or his family. The last time she saw Terwase was in December 2022. Also, neither Terwase nor his mother has bothered to check or call on her since she gave birth on Sunday. The AfAW contact in Benue has visited the hospital and confirmed this difficult and worrisome situation. He reported that Msendoo looked weary, sad, and malnourished.

Msendo's case is not linked to witch persecution which is the main focus of AfAW. But last night, the AfAW intervened and donated one hundred thousand (100, 000) naira to help Ms Msendo settle the medical bills. Msendo needs more assistance to take care of her babies. The AfAW calls on state authorities in Benue to take necessary measures to support and ensure the well-being of Msendo and the babies. The government should compel Terwase to provide child support and fulfill his parental obligations and responsibilities as required by law. Meanwhile, the AfAW calls on the state chapter of the National Human Rights Commission office and the International Federation of Women Lawyers, the state department of social welfare, the ministry of women affairs, child rights and women groups, charity organizations, well-meaning individuals in Nigeria and beyond to intervene and ensure that Msendo and the babies get the help that they urgently need.

By Leo Igwe