Parliament orders EC to halt plans to make Ghana Card sole voter registration document

  Sat, 01 Apr 2023
Headlines Parliament orders EC to halt plans to make Ghana Card sole voter registration document

Parliament has directed the Electoral Commission (EC) to hold on with its plans to use the Ghana Card as the sole document for registration onto the voters register for the upcoming 2024 general elections.

This comes after officials of the EC, the NIA, and the Finance Minister appeared before the Committee on the Whole of Parliament to provide a brief on the proposed constitutional instrument by the electoral body.

The Committee in its report says the EC must ensure that all eligible voters are allowed to secure their Ghana cards before the presentation of the new CI in Parliament for passage.

Deputy Majority Leader and Member of Parliament for the Effutu constituency said the decision to direct the EC to rework the CI was a neutral one devoid of political leanings.

“It must be emphasized that in coming to a conclusion on the way to go on the CI, this matter was not a partisan one, but it was one that all of us had an interest in, and so I will want to dispel any notion out there that whereas the NDC was against the EC, the NPP was for the EC.”

He however admonished that should the EC decide to push the CI through, MPs must do their best to educate their constituents on its provisions.

“It must be emphasized that should the CI be considered by the Electoral Commission, it is upon us to educate our people because, unlike the old CI, no impression should be given to those without a Ghana Card that they can just go and expect anybody at all to guarantee for them.”

On his part, the Deputy Minority Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim charged his colleagues to vote against the CI when it is finally brought to Parliament for approval.

“I want to call on colleagues from all sides to vote to adopt the report because doing so will do the country some good.”