Cape Coast South MP reiterates Minority’s decision to vote against new tax bills

Politics Cape Coast South MP reiterates Minoritys decision to vote against new tax bills
APR 1, 2023 LISTEN

Member of Parliament for the Cape Coast South constituency, George Ricketts-Hagan has reiterated the decision of the Minority Caucus to vote against the government’s new tax bills.

The Cape Coast South lawmaker said the Minority is committed to resisting the bills as a bold statement to the government that it cannot be reckless with its expenditure and expect Ghanaians to pay the price.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, Mr. Ricketts-Hagan intimated that the procedure to have the bills either rejected or approved is different from what occurred with the approval of the president’s ministerial nominees.

He said if the government really wants to raise revenue, it must then cut down its extravagant and reckless spending and not continue to burden Ghanaians with more taxes that have no basis.

“The size of the government is too large and there is so much wasteful expenditure, and we want the government to do what it can to reduce the economic situation in the country and that is our position.”

Mr. Ricketts-Hagan further slammed the Executive’s decision to cut down salaries in its quest to cut costs.

“All these are cosmetic cuts because what we want the government to do is to cut down on expenditure which they are not doing. If the government is really serious to reduce its spending, it can do it and IMF will be glad about that.”

He also urged the government to adopt the Zambian strategy where the country refused to seek a financial bailout from the International Monetary Fund, but it is still functioning with no hitches.

“Zambia refused to go to the IMF for a bailout and many warned that the country will fold up, but Zambia is still up and doing well and looking within to raise revenue while cutting down on its spending, and they are doing well. The government must stop behaving like a leaked bucket in its spending and save Ghanaians.”