Tema General Hospital organizes free health screening

Health Tema General Hospital organizes free health screening
MAR 31, 2023 LISTEN

The Wellness Clinic at Tema General Hospital has organized a free health and education exercise in Tema Community 12 to enhance the well-being of residents.

In addition to immunizing overdue children and screening adults for blood pressure (BP), weight, and blood sugar levels, the activity was meant to educate residents about good hygiene.

Poor hygiene, according to Madam Faustina Bernasko, Tema General Hospital's Health Promotion Officer, is to blame for many of the illnesses that the public suffers from and for which they seek medical care.

Lassa fever, a disease linked with poor hygiene, has been reported at some institutions in the Greater Accra Region, according to Madam Bernasko.

She claimed that rodents eating exposed food, water, and unwashed kitchenware caused the illness.

"Because the mice carry the virus, they leave saliva and excreta in the bowls when they lick unwashed dishes." The disease is spread when a person consumes contaminated food or uses a locked utensil without wasting it.

"Mice reproduce in filthy conditions. "Mice breed in unclean environments because the animals feed on discarded waste," she adds.

The illness that affects the liver, according to the Health Promoter, kills its patients rapidly; therefore, anyone experiencing shortness of breath, vomiting, nostril bleeding, or body weakness should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

She stated that, while the symptoms were similar to those of other illnesses, people should not self-diagnose or buy drugs from pharmacies in the first place.

She urged the public to practice good personal hygiene by storing foods in secure places, washing dishes immediately after eating, and keeping the surroundings clean.

Ms. Emilia Adolf, who immunized her one-month-old child, said in an interview that the exercise was useful because she was tired of taking her two children to the hospital for check-ups.

Madam Vida Authur, an elderly woman, stated that she checked her weight, height, blood pressure, and sugar level and was diagnosed as healthy, but that she was advised to visit the hospital regularly to keep her health status.

Madam Authur urged the public to save money by participating in free community health exams.

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