Don't let pessimists dictate Ghana's future — Oliver Barker fires

Headlines Oliver Barker Vormawor, lead convener of FixTheCountry Movement
MAR 31, 2023 LISTEN
Oliver Barker Vormawor, lead convener of #FixTheCountry Movement

Oliver Barker Vormawor, a Ghanaian good governance activist and lead convener of the #FixTheCountry Movement, recently took to Twitter to express his frustration with Ghanaians' attitude towards fighting for change.

In a tweet on Thursday, March 30, Vormawor wrote: "The same Ghanaians that are so aggrieved that nothing works in Ghana; are the same people that call, message and DM to discourage you that nothing will ever work in this country. So why are you worrying yourself?"

This sentiment is all too familiar for many Ghanaians who are passionate about seeing their country improve.

He says it is frustrating and disheartening experience to be met with pessimists and negativity from one's own people when trying to push for change.

And yet, Vormawor believes that these naysayers won't stop until their pessimism becomes the reality for all.

"They won't stop till their pessimism becomes your reality. And they are waiting! Not waiting for Ghana to become better. Waiting for you to fail so they can tell you I told you so, with glee," he tweeted.

But Vormawor says he is determined to fight for a better future for Ghana, even in the face of opposition.

“When I started I ddnt 'kraa' you. When I want to walk away, I will do so on my own terms. If I die this way, I am sure you won't live forever either in this mess you helped safeguard. Now get off my tits! Shalom!" he wrote.

Vormawor's words are a rallying cry for all Ghanaians who are tired of the current state of affairs and want to see real change.

He believes it’s time to move beyond the negativity and pessimism and work towards a brighter future for Ghana as to him, “if we don't do it, who will?”

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