Don’t divert €350k meant for Afram Plains roads elsewhere – MP tells govt

  Thu, 30 Mar 2023
Politics Dont divert 350k meant for Afram Plains roads elsewhere  MP tells govt

Member of Parliament for Afram Plains North, Betty Efua Krosbi Mensah, has expressed her displeasure over plans by the government to divert re-allocate an amount of 350 million euros meant for the construction of a road and bridge in her constituency.

The MP says the government has proposed to use the funds for further construction works on the Accra-Kumasi highway.

Speaking to journalists, the lawmaker said the move would affect the food production capacity of the area.

“We are very sad to bring you this news that the government has the intention of re-allocating this huge amount of money from constructing the road from Adawso to Ekye – Amanfrom. The money is currently being allocated or re-allocated to construct the road that is Accra-Kumasi road.

“This situation is a very sad one for us the MPs representing the people of Afram Plains. Government enlisted why it prioritises Afram Plains, knowing very well that it is one of the food basket communities or districts in the country and that it was an opportunity to open the Afram Plains to the rest of the country,” Afram Plains North MP lamented.

Parliament in 2022 approved an amount of Three Hundred and Fifty Million Euros (€350,000,000.00) for the construction of a bridge over the Afram River and the construction of 124Km of roads from Adawso-Bunso, Ekye – Amanfrom and other specified roads within the Afram areas.

Presenting the report of the Committee on Roads and Transport, the Chairman of the Committee, Kennedy Osei Nyarko, noted that Government recognises the important role that accessibility to road infrastructure plays in poverty reduction, fostering regional integration and enhancing economic development through income generation activities that are linked to agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

By Citi Newsroom