Yagbon Dankarehina Traditional welcomes new Yagbowura

Press Statement Yagbon Dankarehina Traditional welcomes new Yagbowura
MAR 30, 2023 LISTEN

The Yagbon Dankare Wurana after the warm Traditional Welcome at Gindabol (Jentilpe) sends a Congratulatory Message to Yagbowura Bii- Kunuto Jewu Soale I.

We the Yagbon Dankarehina (Dankarewurana) SAY "ASANKIBA AWAWATUU"!!!

We as Yagbon Dankare Wurana have diligently played our centuries-old triple traditional roles in YAGBON (Yagbonwura affairs) namely pre-burial, burial and post-burial (Enskinment/Final Rite) of every Yagbowura in our Gonja Kingdom. What makes our Gonja Kingdom great and strong is the centuries-old held principles of unity in the diversity of the Gonja tribes. It is so colourful to see one Gonja- Ngbanya group (Chiefs and Elders) perform their traditional roles at Yagbon and then turn to the other Gonja- the Vagla group (Chiefs and Elders) to perform their traditional roles to complete Yagbonwura enskinment processes at the two ancient towns of Nyange and Gindaabol (Jentilpe). This is the beauty of the Gonja tribes’ unity in diversity in the Yagbon Chieftaincy Affairs. The same duality of traditional roles was observed in Damongo and Nyange led by the other two important YAGBON DANKARE WURANA namely the Sawla Gbandi and the Nlusoh of Mankumah.

Our dual roles at Damongo and Nyange as Yagbon Dankare Wurana are typically ascribed traditional roles which were practiced from the era of the Founder of the Gonja Kingdom Ndewura Jakpa to date. Hence, we have a duty as Dankare Wurana to do what is traditionally right in the execution of our traditional roles to make our Gonja Kingdom Great and Strong. Today is the start of the Jentilpe Sacred Mount/Mound (a sacred rite for Yagbonwura), tomorrow we may gather for the Final Traditional Rite in the much older ancient town of Kunlog (Jelinkon) as well as the ancient town of Dagbigu (whose offspring is Sawla). The Sawla Luura (Boipos) blacksmith.

The traditional stopover of the Kagbapewura Bunyanso I in Gindaabol (Jentilpe) immediately after the completion of his duties (enskinment) in Nyange was in line with the rich customs and practices of Gonja. As our Gonja customs demand, the Dankare Wurana in Gindaabol in turn blessed the Kagbapewura through traditional prayers and wish him a safe journey back to Gbipe (Buipe).

May the spirit of oneness and the principle of unity of diversity of Ndewura Jakpa and our forefathers keep us from acts that will divide the Gonja tribes.

We as Dankarewurana will continue to perform our traditional roles in accordance with Gonja customs and traditions. May the spirit of the Land as performed today with the blessings of the Gindabol Heuhin (Siayo)/Gindabol Koro (Jara) make our Yagbonwura (Bii- Kunuto) great and make all of us Gonjas proud.

"Ii Jaan jaan werige maa/ Asankushun ga"!!!