Efforts to Extradite Assange is A Testimony Against U.S, Western Europe, and Beyond?

Feature Article Efforts to Extradite Assange is A Testimony Against U.S, Western Europe, and Beyond?
MAR 27, 2023 LISTEN

Julian Assange is a hero in many respect, and how he still fights is both impressive and questionable, but his opponents or enemies are the dangerous cowards, whom the living and history must study to win the devils in earliest and most efficient ways. Indeed, an intolerable percentage of western Europeans have proven to be prostitute minded people in many ways , especially in the case of Assange and Iran's+ during Trump's time... Beside the countries or government's officials, Assange is a testimony against many of Humankind, because our general inaction or under reacting begs the question if humans are worth fighting for? And this is why faith in God is supreme and do not bank on humans to be grateful on time... Shame on the officials and journalists of Europe+, but our protests for Assange or truthful freedom of speech should have been bigger to be beyond what mainstream media can ignore. We should have include even tactical individual sanction or boycott against u.s, England, and Europe; And Assange and his elite supporters should be calling for it.

Assange's case is another God's allowed case as test to humankind, we are in the 'days of standing' or judgment times and our every position from mindset, words, and actions are watched; including why we refuse to speak up or act where need be. Assange' case is primarily a question of Truth versus government claims of interest: the cowards will argue truth is dangerous or sometimes dangerous without showing the evidence of how truth 'harms' versus lies or lack of enough truth; the greedy will argue national interest is more vital than truth, just as racial or gender interest are sometimes chosen over truth; the arrogant will argue similar, claiming shame, privacy, reputation, etc are more vital than truth. Why did decent conscience and even the religious scriptures told us to 'choose Truth even if it be against our family [blood groups, national, gender, or even species] or self'? Those whose low conscience values questionable interest over truth or lower than government's limited conscience are indeed in trouble.

Although millions of Americans oppose Assange's extradition, u.s mainstream media failed to confront the guilty political elite and even hypocritical Trump towards better laws beyond Assange. To give evidence on my claims, I may need to cite some verifiable facts that some readers may forgot, paid little attention to, or never knew about. Assange was created by God and being tested with humankind, especially during president Bush Jr's term. He freely entered the u.s in part of Bush's term, but at least the rhetoric changed towards the end. Ms. Sarah Palin was the running Mate of John McCain and she called for the 'use of special force', to assassinate Assange.

Their failing to chastise her is not just telling, but her rhetoric significantly contributed to why I and some opposed McCain and supported Obama who was seemingly against censorship, at least to get votes or not worse like his opponents then... During Obama's term was when Assange published the most 'Damaging' or truthful information and when u.s sought his extradition and prosecuted Chelsea Manning and others over classified information. Trump understood the public were for truth, so he spoke well about Assange to get votes, but hypocritically continue the extradition request after winning. The mainstream media wants you to believe Trump fulfilled campaign promises, but Trump failed on many good campaign promises beyond Assange, marijuana legalisation, 'drain the swamp' and others. Trump fulfilled bad to illusory campaign promises, including the alleged efforts to prosecute Ms. Clinton.

Again, I resortly supported Trump over Clinton because Ms. Clinton was more pro censorship+, but I fiercely opposed Trump when I discovered his hypocritical nature, but still think Clinton could have been worse. Trump's presidency was exceptionally vital for learning and it includes how he exposed the prostitute minded nature of many Europeans, especially their leaders. When Trump withdrew from the Iran agreement, most European leaders+ saw it wrong, but under resisted. They chose 'financial interest' over truth or principles. They should have resisted to lose few billions in business sanctions or Trump would have backed out/ suffer politically, but they chose to went along ? Perhaps why God allow covid to lose more billions than others?

UK versus Europe: UK was in the European Union and they even saw how Edward Snowden showed how UK valued u.s over European citizens+. Precedent matters, by allowing UK to extradite Australian citizen over truthful revelations, it precisely means UK or xyz can extradite other European citizens or who is guilty of indifference if it is Australian, Chinese, Russian, or African citizen? I suspect God kicked them out of Africa due to extreme bad character, despite seeing some Europeans+ seem to have better character than some Africans, but percentage matters and I declare myself to be better in character than average European, African, American, etc?

Assange's revelations did lot of good we are yet to acknowledge, but they want you to believe he did harm or potential harm? They want you to believe he endangered some guilty folks they called workers? They will not charge him with potential harm or endangering legal underground killers ('special forces) or xyz , but under an unjust law that bars people from even explaining why you did an alleged wrong? It starts with bad laws that government have the right to fight facts and factual people in the name of interest, and ends with government can change even how you are prosecuted over words or even persecuted if accused of terrorism+ before proven? Oops! It's the law, it should be respected until humankind slowly open their eyes to worshipping questionable human laws is worshipping devils or potential devils, and can lead to 'ascribing partners to Allah'? It's the law was the excuse against the beloved Jesus Christ (pbuh) and how many a Christian+ used or using it?

It's the Law, 'White is supreme', blacks will disagree until we show them the money towards American exceptionalism? It's the law, ' u.s national interest is supreme', Trump said , '[many] women and matriarchal European countries will allow you if you are rich? ' It's the law, 'Female is supreme', if you are accused by a woman, punishment should start even before evidence is presented? Johnny Depp can under fight back, but the poor are denied working opportunities, including myself? Was it by coincidence Assange was accused of rape or did they used those women to muzzle the public support of Assange? Although rape is a big crime, it is not usually among the crimes government seek extradition on or agree to extradite. There are certain extradition that are simply political extradition based on average and exceptions. Feel free to request the data, how many times did Sweden and every country ever sought extradition over rape allegations?

Even if you find Sweden or xyz sought ten in a decade, ask if hundreds of rape or xyz allegations were extradition was deem not worth it and why? Another example of political extradition : The u.s extradited Marc Emery of Canada over cannabis seeds and now reportedly banned him from entering the u.s? How many Canadians or xyz did worse than seeds and never banned in the u.s?

The extradition showed Canada is another prostitute minded toady of u.s, or study how many people had actual cannabis case or worse in the u.s , run to Canada as Canadians or Africans+ and were never extradited. The u.s saw Marc Emery as dangerous 'politically' or as big social influencer and it is partly why they also banned him from entering the u.s? They fear he will roam the states, raise money as hero, and speed up cannabis legalisation through strong words and money. The other part is setting examples on people like Assange they can reduce other 'Snowdens', but even brave women are revealing classified information they deem public interest to know? By extraditing Marc Emery and saying Embassies will check social media posts, they think myself or xyz will fear extradition or visa denials to self censor? They are appealing to our fears, as the greedy and arrogant did through out history?

Again, I largely applaud Assange's bravery, but we must honestly question the advantages and disadvantages of his approach on the extradition fight. Every human being have the responsibility to avoid undue punishment, including reasonable hiding, but at what point do you face the devils with bravery, with words or beyond? Tactical fight is how prophets fought, and it can include God telling Moses (pbuh) run and I rather drown Pharoah than send him birds with baking clay; it includes asking Muhammad (pbuh) to move, hide in a cave, and I will choose brave fighting back against the idol worshippers who buried baby girls over money or too low dowry... I truly wish God helps me , Assange , and every truthful spirit in more vivid ways, but He has shown me some good in even Assange's method. Assange approach is fight every step and avoid the biggest devils? The main advantage to this approach is it shows consistent hypocrisy of politicians+, long battle, more 'killings' or fights. If Assange surrendered early, he could have been prosecuted and pardoned like Manning, but that is just a possibility, not a probability. If he surrendered early we could not have seen the hypocrisy of Trump, the terrible nature of Biden; how many prime ministers of UK , judges, and other European leaders should history chastise and would have claimed they would have supported Assange?

So indeed reasonable fighting of unjust extradition is Godly and brave, and it puts Judges to the test, because we and the angels should all say God's curse be upon unjust Judges and politicians who worship bad laws or participate in political extraditions, censorship, changing to third terms for unrest, and other gross wrongs. However even in this route, I think Assange and future freedom fighters should be asking the public how to fight along with them. Such fights can be simple educative words , imprecations ( prayers against opponents), coordinated national to worldwide protests, boycott or avoiding where need be, etc. Did God heard my prayers to shame and remove many prime ministers of UK, but no judge died over covid or bravely set him free? I cannot say I will not buy anything from the u.s or Europe, but where there is option, I will avoid u.s+ products until they stop dangerous censorship in general, especially their Democrats... The party or candidate that seems to oppose censorship most, especially before declaring candidacy is worth supporting, or they may Trump you...

The last approach of facing the biggest devils within reasonable time is something freedom fighters should seriously study. Personally, if I was Assange, I would have tried to escape the embassy hiding towards Russia around a year before elections. Surrendering to u.s now can significantly influence the elections, but it depends on the probability than possibility of the judges he faces in UK. There is not much difference between UK and u.s prisons, except u.s may try to imprison him one thousand years, but how is the appeal process, the pardon probability, and the effectiveness of his fight through the public in u.s versus UK? We cannot rule out u.s may try to kill him through other special forces than Palin suggested, so UK, Australia, and how many countries are simply guilty prostitutes of u.s? I happen to have little fear about death, I hate pain than death, but never count me to commit suicide, except through brave battles against real 'lions or even dragons' or in suits+ where I consider God can still give me victory with or without me fighting physically...

By standing in U.S court, Assange can utter historical words. Oh Jarga, you are so stupid, you forgot the u.s law that says 'no defence ' over classified information? OK, you are right, except I am educating those who may be extradited, not just Assange. Unless in solitary confinement, Assange can certainly raise the public awareness than Mumia Abu Jamal and public reaction can change the law or even cause civil unrest in u.s. In all honesty, I do not mind for God to curse every American or anyone who believes in u.s or xyz supremacy over my due interest or truth. I do not think Gambia's or xyz' interest is higher than anyone's dues, the truth should be our mutual interest. Personal rights or interest can co-exist with group's rights or interest. I do not see nationalism any different from racism, tribalism, or sexism, people have to choose conscience over laws or interest. We can have tolerance due to growing range, but people, especially truthful people should never be sacrificed. God should swiftly and strongly confront the bigger to biggest devils, or at least not give them respite at our expense. The problem is we were/are all tiny devils and how strongly we want to repent is a determining factor on how God may react.

Censorship is sadly on the rise in the west+ and If not properly fought, it will spread like covid. Mr. Jordan Peterson of Canada is another partial victim of censorship , they are allegedly trying to revoke his licence, demanding 'retraining', over social media post. What we support sometimes come back to hunt us. Despite many good standings of Peterson, he is indeed guilty of western supremacy , seemingly opposed simple rights of marijuana folks, and supported financial denying of others over fear, claiming 'we do not know what they will do with riches'? Personally, if I have money or fame, I will encourage culture of cameras among others, to a level that make censorship near impossible. Of course , culture of cameras add security, improve character, and many other good, but preferably when in civilians hands than governments. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
The best in mainstream media or special NGO , or xyz should help the public on how to smartly fight censorship. They should be asking rich folks or big donors their stand on top issues. For example, we should know Bill Gates, Musk, Bloomberg, etc position's on Assange and censorship in general, then we can consider which businesses to support, not just which parties. I think both Democrats and Republicans are into censorship, but the Democrats sadly seem worse at the moment. There is a huge difference between censoring historical inconvenient facts for certain age versus all ages, in schools versus everywhere, etc, which many Republicans seem to support. Democrats want to censor even opinions of adults on social media and literally have a revolving wheel (government) determine what is truth or not. Then you have both parties supporting extreme censorship on non-American.

The dangers is way beyond the west. Of course African officials and many journalists are guilty like their western counterparts on and beyond Assange. Precedent means African+ leaders will then have more laws as 'classified information ' , censor us on social media, etc. That will be the time the blind African journalists or xyz may wake up too late, when they or their families suffer... God can shoot from heaven +, We can shoot from Africa, or indifferently allow devils to spread evil ways around the world. Russia, China, Iran, etc are very similar as guilty u.s, except u.s is a major exporter of ways and Assange is the focus of the article. I oppose censorship from the home to statehood, and in any continent or planet...

State Secrets with or without limits: It is very vital to help the naive think or questionable governments will mislead them through vague terms and fractional facts. Among the best ways to pressure people to think is through questions, then examples. Things like 'state secrets' is a very vague term and they will give examples of financial or xyz intelligence to sell the idea to the people or naive. So asking questions, making movies or songs that ask: Do you believe governments have the right to commit cruelty and hide it? Then give examples of government cruelty at different times. Do you believe government should prosecute those who expose government lies and/cruelty? Again, give examples of how lies hurt real people , and exposing state agents who commit cruelty against foreigners is Godly .

Using Governments to satisfy their fears, greed, or arrogance: Again, you must approach people from vivid points then towards less discussed realities. When you ask is it OK for an individual, small group, or large group to use government to satisfy their greed? Most people will say no, because most people are poor, want more money, and greed is largely a discussed topic. Although greed can exist beyond finance, using finance will reduce your headache with the naive and dumb. Then you can ask questions on using governments to satisfy their fears , then arrogance. You always need examples from the past before the recent present and possible future. If you give examples of how cowardly+ whites wanted racist 'protection' people will agree or get angry, and claim that is past. If you use how cowardly people think government should deny an adult marijuana due to fear of self, children, and or xyz; you will realise curing fear even for days is extremely hard for some . Many people do not know the real purpose of government, so they give away others' rights and sometimes their own rights ...

The easiest way to control people, children, or even animals is to have them in fear. Easy does not always mean good. Black+ people brutally use fear to control animals and children in Africa . Arrogant Slave masters used fear to control cowardly blacks to satisfy greed. Similarly, the u.s uses 'soft and hard power' to control people, strong activists, or even other governments. So when government lied 'there is no medicinal value in cannabis, claim it leads to other harder drugs on one to xyz percent, and banned even publication of cannabis material until a court ruling...'; we should all understand government are dangerous liars and pro censorship way before social media. Virtually, every oppressed person or group was censored, so anyone who supports censorship is knowingly or unknowingly supporting oppression... Not a single one of us will deny misinformation by individuals exist but once you agree with censorship as the solution, then you are among the dangerous dummies, dangerous cowards. Every lie can be confronted to reduce the danger towards near zero, then tolerate how super dummies may hurt themselves through believing lies or severely punish those who act or hurt others .

If someone lies about covid cure or xyz, just educate the probable victims with higher truth and find ways to educate the culprits, and or even expose them in ways they become non-trust worthy if they arrogantly refuse to learn. Once you censor even a sincerely mistaken one, they will find it hard to trust you again. Of course, my concern is the censoring of truthful folks in every generation, from slavery to Assange, myself, and many others. Every soul who believes government should have the right to censor us, then you are at war with my type.

I will say may the Anti - Censorship God curse the pro censorship ones proportionately until 'no soul will have power over another'. The battle of so called 'Armageddon' have indeed started between you and me, it is about spiritual war, you either love freedom under God or cowardly be enslaved by man, including governments. We are not anti government, but anti over control even if it means separation from government or building the ideal government. May the Lord of freedom Triumph, 'free a neck, free a neck, free a neck'. Freeing Assange is super crucial, but even hiding truth to get a job and expose lies and cruelties to continue is more vital.

We should form an organisation that reward those who expose lies and cruelties of any government, not just Russia or xyz. We can crowd fund it or seek billionaires and millionaires who understand freedom matters, censorship is evil, and no person, group, or government should be given the right to hide certain wrongs. If I could have force or beg God to strongly act against the biggest liars and cruel ones, I would have; until then I can ask and appreciate how He is gradually defeating them. May we win bigger, sooner, and squarely.