The NDC Politicians That Took Bribes To Approve Akufo Addo's Nominees Ought To Be Expelled From The Party

Feature Article The NDC Politicians That Took Bribes To Approve Akufo Addo's Nominees Ought To Be Expelled From The Party

This is where John Mahama must start before serving the people if he is to be taken seriously as the next president to combat the corruption that Akufo Addo has failed to deal with. I will respectfully request that he appoint a committee to look into the recent incident that occurred in parliament during the nomination of KT Hammond, Stephen Amoah, and the others as ministers and to expel anyone found guilty of betraying Ghanaians and the NDC party by accepting bribes to have the nominees approved as ministers.

The most dangerous politicians of the party are those who accepted bribes to permit this to occur in the country because they lack conscience, shame, or integrity. As a result, they must be expelled from the party. Mahama should be aware that failing to kick out the undesirable people will not only make the party safe but also restore Ghanaians' lost trust in the party’s ability to fight corruption.


Since it’s a crime to accept bribes, this is a serious matter that the NDC officials can easily sweep under the carpet, I'm therefore; pleading with John Mahama to investigate and stand out from other Ghanaian leaders by ensuring that those found guilty serve jail time and are expelled from the party after serving their sentences. That’s how Ghana can grow as a truly democratic country.

To serve Ghanaians, the party should have a small number of dependable and devoted politicians than to have a huge number of crooks and dishonest politicians.

I have written endless articles about the widespread corruption and acceptance of bribes within the NPP government and even attacked Akufo Addo for appointing politicians, judges, and journalists, implicated in severe corruption scandals to his cabinet rather than dismissing them.

More importantly, I have made it clear to Ghanaians that as long as John Mahama is not the president, I will focus on the widespread corruption within the NPP party. So, if a such crime has been committed by NDC politicians in parliament, I will not grant Mahama the peace he requires until the appropriate action is taken.

Now that I know why people say that the NDC and the NPP are the same, even though the two parties use different symbols, Mahama, and the party's executives have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to investigate and sacked all the NDC politicians who have betrayed the country.

Is it not dishonorable that the NDC politicians accuse the NPP of accepting a bribe from Akufo Addo to keep Ken Ofori-Atta in his position as finance minister, despite repeated requests for him to resign? However, the NDC politicians have committed the same criminal act.

Nothing, in my opinion, can make Ghanaians, including myself, happier than Mahama acting decisively to remove these dishonest politicians I dubbed nation wreckers. More importantly, Mahama should not try to convince Ghanaians that he will only combat corruption when elected as president; rather, this is the time to show that he has already begun the fight.